General Metal Roofing Facts For A Homeowner

Metal roofing is gaining popularity because it has also incorporated some very desirable features into the roof. The traditional visual of an ugly roof made from corrugated tin is completely out of style in the world of roofing today. Metal roofs are designed to imitate some of the more popular natural and man-made roofing materials such as cedar shake or tile without the drawbacks associated with those materials.

The life expectancy of a roof of metal is 30 years or more. They are maintenance free and can even be installed over old shingle roofing. Many manufacturers incorporate insulation on the underside, making them energy efficient as well. Metal roofs are also flame retardant with a material grade of A, the highest possible. This can result in a reduction of home insurance rates for some individuals.

Metal roofs will cost more per square foot than the average roof of shingle. Roofing installation costs may also be more expensive. Many roofs made of metal are constructed of steel or aluminum. These materials offer durability combined with minimal weight.

The reason that these roofs can be installed directly over existing shingles is that they are so lightweight. Removing the old roofing material is usually unnecessary. Metal, which imitates tile roofing, requires no shoring needed for the timbers, which the standard tile roofs will need. This means less time is spent installation, which every homeowner welcomes. In addition, more roofing made of metal comes in long sheets, which means installation will usually be faster and usually less messy than asphalt shingling.

The pitch requirements for a roof are more relaxed with metal than with many other materials. Some manufacturers recommend no lower than a 3 to 12 roof pitch. Individuals who want a metal roof and whose homes have a lower pitch would have to check with the individual manufacturer to see if that particular roofing choice is for them.

Metal roofing has come a long ways over a few short years. It is more appealing to the eye and most people find even a painted metal roof extremely attractive. The insulation value of metal as the roofing material of choice has gone well beyond what people believed possible as little as thirty years ago. Using metal as a roofing material may be a very wise investment over the long term.

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