General Contractors help you construct and maintain your dream buildings

General contractors in Tampa take care of all your construction needs whether residential or commercial. Constructing a building is not just setting up four walls and roof. Modern buildings require contemporary and efficient plumbing, electricity and the entire fine nuances need expertise to set up. Custom Home Builders in Tampa have expertise available for every detail of construction process from the blue print to final coat paint.
There are many residential construction companies in Tampa but due to the high degree of expertise required, you should approach a contractor that is certified and licensed. Tampa construction services cater to new construction whether single or multi family home as well as additions of new areas and enclosures to old homes. Home remodeling in Tampa FL, is pretty popular, especially of the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. Commercial constructions can range from buildings to be used as retail centers, warehouses, schools, apartments, hospitals to glitzy office complexes.

Nobody wishes to face them but disasters of high magnitude do occur whether of natural causes like the ones that sound familiar like hurricanes and floods to accidental ones. Whatever the reason, at the end of the day, it is no joke to lose the roof over your head. Fortunately some construction companies are adept at handling such situations of cleaning, reconstruction, repair and restoration. Some even provide expert demolition services if you wish to bring down an old building in the first place. General contractors extend their expertise to not just construction but to maintenance as well. If you consider all the parameters that keep a building looking and functioning well, the list would get really long and maintenance experts should be able to fix any and everything that develops a glitch.

Rossi Construction is the most reputed general contractor in Tampa Bay area. For over three decades now, we have catered to new constructions, remodeling, access construction, project management and even demolitions. We have built this reputation with the help of our exceptionally talented, certified and licensed team members who work on every project with utmost dedication. We also offer a sixteen point premiere service program by availing which you can forget about maintenance issues of your building and we will take care of each and every parameter to keep your construction working smoothly and efficiently. With your project in our hands, you can enjoy a complete peace of mind. You can order for service online and we will get back to you. We will take care of all scheduling and reminders for you. We offer a 10% discount on all your construction needs for a length of membership.

Rossi Construction is the leading construction company in Florida since 1979. Our Expertise: Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, Commercial Construction, Residential Construction and much more. For more details please visit


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