Garage Storage System Tips To Get You Started

Contemporary interior designers these days take into consideration the design and layout of the garage because these days, they are not just used for parking cars but also for storing different things that you do not want to keep inside your house. Some people even use their garage as an extended living room. But usually, garages are so cluttered and disorganized that not many want to go there. There is actually a very clever solution to this typical garage dilemma. And that is to install different kinds of garage storage systems. If you do not have any idea how to do that, then you should read the following tips.

1. When cleaning out your garage, keep calm. Some people feel overwhelmed with all the piles of clutter that they can see inside their garage. Group your clutter into different groups"things that you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Prepare some huge boxes or bags for this activity.

2. Once you've sorted things out appropriately, take the pile of items you're keeping and further subdivide this into more specific groups. For instance, put all the gardening item together, place all the kids toys together, and repeat until all items are grouped with like items. This will then allow you see what the most appropriate garage storage system is for each pile.

3. For cabinets with large, open spaces inside, you can store big and long items here like a broom, a rake, and other gardening tools. You can keep flat objects inside the cabinets drawers.

4. If you're a crafty person, note that your craft supplies usually look fine out in the open - in fact, maybe they even look decorative on their own. For this reason, they should be placed on open shelves and not hidden. For smaller craft tools, such as beads and buttons, place them inside jars, side by side, on an open shelf. If you use large fabrics or papers, buy a hanger and place them inside, and hang it by the crafts shelf for easy access.

5. Bikes are easily mounted on the ceiling or walls via a bike rack. Consider purchasing and installing one a way of getting the bike off the floor and giving you back some garage real estate.

6. If you have large landscaping equipment or heavy tools, consider building or buying a large trunk with wheels. This will let you store it and at the same time, easily move it around as needed. To make the most of your item, add a pillow to the hood and now it doubles as a seat for the garage.

When setting up garage storage systems, be sure to pay attention to what your needs are and base everything off of that. Your goal is to set up a system that makes your most used items accessible, and everything beyond that is organized and easy to find, when needed.

If you want to sort your garage out and come out alive, come on over and take a look at the Garage Storage Systems Guide. This site serves as a free resource discussing garage storage shelving, bike racks, ceiling mounted racks, and others!


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