Furniture Storage Tips To Keep The Furnishings Intact

Safe and inexpensive furniture storage is available at many places to suit customer’s needs and budgets. These facilities are dust and vermin proof. Storing furniture becomes important when a person has to limit his shipment size, rent out his home while he is away, or while he has moved in a temporary accommodation. However, we often tend to forget that storing furniture is not an easy task. Storage can give us peace of mind by relieving us of the headache of relocating it every time we move.

How Should We Store Furniture?

Furniture is not easy to move. It’s heavy and nobody wants to take the pains of moving sofas, beds, mattresses, desks, and pianos every time he moves. Moreover, relocating furniture often can mar its beauty. Thankfully, self storage is now available to store furniture. However, finding the right storage units is very important.

The most important thing to consider while looking for a furniture storage unit is to hunt for a drive-up unit. Either a drive-up unit or an indoor unit on the ground floor is ideal for storing furniture. Make sure the storage facility has an elevator if the storage space is available on an upper level. Many facilities also have dollies and carts to move the furniture.

Another important consideration within storage units is temperature control. Climate controlled units are easily available at self storage units to save the furniture from being spoilt. The temperature is kept under control at these units. A warehouse uses central air conditioning and heat to maintain a temperature. The temperature is usually maintained between 50 and 80 degrees and humidity is kept to a minimum. Some facilities also have a dehumidifier for units which are located on the first floor or on subterranean levels.

The goods should be insured before they are stored. Storage facilities require a proof of insurance for at least $ 2,000 before they store the customers’ belongings. Some storage facilities also offer reasonable insurance policies, which can be included in the rental agreement for furniture storage. Storing furniture at these warehouses is much safer and much easily maintained than it is at garage storage.

Some Useful Tips

Apart from all these things, the furniture can be covered with cotton drop cloths or canvas tarps to prevent it from dust and allow airflow. None of the furniture’s fabric should touch the floor. Pallets and boards can be used to raise the floor of the unit to protect it against flooding. A moisture barrier can be made on the raised floor by putting down a plastic tarp on it. Furniture storage also means protecting furniture from anything that could transfer color on it.

Bags especially designed for mattresses are available at storage facilities along with packing and moving supplies. Sofas and mattresses can be positioned upright to increase space and prevent overloading. Beds and tables can be disassembled to increase space. Table legs can be wrapped in bubble wraps or moving blankets. Bubble wraps can also be used to protect corners and edges. Dresser drawers or cabinet doors can be closed using stretch wraps while moving. Cardboard corner protectors can be used to protect mirrors and framed artwork.

Storage Mart has enough furniture storage space to store your furniture while you are renovating your house. Apart from furniture storage, storage warehouses also offer car storage, RV storage, and boat storage.

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