Furniture Storage – Tips And Suggestions

If you want to store your excess furniture, a furniture storage facility is the best place for you. In a self-storage facility, you not only have the option to store your furniture, but you also have car storage areas, boat storage facilities, RV storage areas and garage storage units. All these storage units are equipped with the latest technology and are completely safe. Nowadays, you also get the facility of climate-controlled self-storage units that also minimize the damage to your items by animals and weather conditions.

The mini storage units offer a safe and secure solution to store the extra furniture till you have use for them at your residence. The main thing to be kept in mind before you decide to opt for furniture storage is the proper packing of all the products so that they retain the same shape, finish and beauty when you bring them back home. While packing your furniture, make sure to keep large amounts of thick plastic sheets laid in the furniture storage area and also to cover your furniture. It would keep the items dry and prevent damage through moisture. Other things to keep in mind while storing furniture are as follows:

* Raise the units by putting boards; this saves it from flooding.
* Cover the furniture with cotton clothes which would keep the dust from accumulating.
* To optimize the usage of the space available to you, stand the sofas and the mattresses.
* Disassemble all the furniture that can be and store them separately. Assemble them back after you have moved them to a more permanent location.
* To protect the edges and corners of your furniture, use bubble wrap.
* Keep your mirrors and other artwork items upright and mark them as fragile.
* Before putting any item in storage, make sure they are completely dry before you start packing, as moisture can lead to growth of mould and ruin them.

The following things you should look for in furniture storage facility or the warehouse where you plan to store your furniture:

* The doors to the facility are wide so that all the furniture can pass through easily without being damaged.
* The walls between different lockers are secure.
* There should not be any water leakage or damage in the facility, as moisture will ruin your furniture.
* A drive-up unit that makes it easy to store and then move furniture. If that is not available, opt for a storage unit that offers carts or has an elevator.
* A climate-controlled storage facility would be better as it prevents damage from climatic conditions. Also, you can check if it has a dehumidifier.

Mini storage or furniture storage is a good way of storing all your furniture that you do not need or for which you do not have space presently. You can store them in these units and move them whenever you want.

A furniture storage facility like other self-storage facilities is a safe way of storing your stuff. At a nominal monthly rent, you can store your furniture in a secure way. It is advisable to store your furniture in a controlled unit as furniture can get spoiled due to adverse climatic conditions.

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