Four Things to Inspect Before Buying a Home in Adelaide

Dubbed as Australia’s most liveable city, Adelaide has made the top 10 of The Economist’s World’s Most Liveable list every year since 2010. Known because of its lively festivals, cultural advantages, exciting sport events, and superb food and wine, Adelaide has become an ideal location for economic endeavours and tourism. Today, Adelaide is home to more than 1.23 million people. And with this city’s endearing charm, this number will continue on growing.
The expected rise in population would definitely translate to more property buying. For sale homes, condominiums, buildings would surely be up for grabs and the line of takers would be endless.
If you’re planning to buy a property in the capital city of South Australia, here’s a piece of advice: Never forego Building Inspections Adelaide. Yes, it may cost you a handful of dollars but it will make sure that you will get your money’s worth. Brokers or advertisers will constantly tell you that the property you’re intending to purchase is A-okay but you should not take their word for it. It’s not that they’re untrustworthy; it’s just how they make a living. They’ll never point out a property’s weakness; they’ll highlight only the positives instead.
While on a Building Inspection Adelaide, these are the top four things you should pay attention to:
Walls and Ceiling. Never fail to look up when inspecting a property. Check out the ceiling for loose panels, weakened or damaged beams, buckling, signs of moulds, and areas for patch repair. The same goes for the walls. For stone or cement walls, check for cracks. On the other hand, you should check wooden walls for signs of termite infestation, damp spots, and moulds.
Plumbing. Don’t let leaks ruin the happy and exciting memories you should be having while moving into your new home or property. Inspect the pipes for rust, drips and cracks. If you can have a professional plumber come with you, he’ll be able to analyse and give you the current state of the plumbing system correctly.
Wiring and Electricity. Look for safety switches and circuits breakers during inspection. Also, be mindful of the cables and wires. Make sure that everything is properly insulated and there are no open wires due to tearing or gnawing. Moreover, inspect the switches and power outlets if they’re properly functioning, too.
Roofing. You don’t have to personally climb on top of the roof to do this. It’s dangerous and could possibly be horrifying if you have a fear of heights. Have someone to do this for you instead. Make sure that he checks the roof for loose tiles or rust, water marks, and wobbly gutters. Take note of the roof’s colour. Sellers would often paint the roof prior to inspection. Although there is basically nothing wrong with this, some use this strategy to conceal rust and other signs of damage. So, look out for this one.

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