Five Great Hacks for Garage Spaces that Go Beyond Garage Doors

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Garage is an essential part of every house and can be used for various purposes apart from its regular use i.e. parking your vehicle. Since most garages don’t have much space, therefore it is important to judiciously use the entire area so that you can make the most out of it. Garage doors are customized often. But you can go beyond these and actually customize the whole garage experience.

Some of the storage solutions are offered by garage door companies as well. Depending upon whether you use your garage to park your car or not, there are several storage and organisational solutions that can work for your space. Some of these solutions include:

1. Overhead Storage – In case you have various large and bulky items which you don’t use often, then you can invest in overhead storage racks. Overhead racks can suspend a number of large items like bins and boxes out of the way of the floor. Overhead garage doors may limit your storage capabilities.

2. Slat Boards – Slat boards can be incorporated in a garage no matter how little space is present on the floor. These boards are actually long flat wall boards which are separated in thin sections. Their hooks can help you to hang various items like tools, skis, musical instruments, or bins etc. These boards are highly customizable and can be hanged easily without giving up on floor space.

3. Smart Shelves – Smart shelves work just like slat boards. They contain thin wall boards which have multiple holes drilled in them that cover the entire surface. They are called smart because they have position able shelves which fit into these holes. One can constantly change the height or the placement of these shelves thus making them fit to hold various items.

4. Rolling Storage Carts – If you make use of various small items but don’t want to confine them to one area like a bin on a wall, consider making use of some rolling storage carts. Rolling carts consist of several small drawers/compartments which are apt to store or organize nails, tools, screws and other small objects. One can lock them at a place against your garage’s wall when you aren’t using them and then roll them back to your work table if you need them.

5. Single Slat – For longer tools like shovels and rakes one can also make use of a single slat that has some hooks rather than using a slat board. Install the strip of single slat at your eye level so as to give you ample room for hanging various things. Through this, one can still utilise the space above for either shelving or bulk storage if it’s necessary. You can also make use of a stud finder so as to help you with the installation of your slats.

A good looking garage door along with a neatly organised space can increase the overall value of your home. With the availability of various garage organisational items, one can easily bring his/her garage space in order. Try to make the most out of your garage’s space and you’ll be astonished to see various other uses of your garage space.We, at Promaster, have the best range of garage doors and related products. Our garage door installation and repair services are the most affordable. Call us anytime to get a ‘Free Quote’ on our services.

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