Field Trip Galore for Raffles Hong Kong Interior Design Students

From 6th July to 2nd August, Interior Design Lecturer, Mr Victor Serrano, organized a series of field trips for class. This allowed students to explore different parts of Hong Kong – And more importantly, to observe how interior design serves its purpose in society.

For 28 days, our Interior Design students from Raffles International College, Hong Kong, had four days of glorious trips to look forward to. They went to Tai O Heritage Hotel, Youth Square, Diocesan Boys’ School, Kowloon Park, and Jao Tsung Academy.

Here is what they have explored:

Trip 1): Tai O Heritage Hotel

During the tour, our students learned about the building’s history and that of the village.

Tai O is a fishing town on the west of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. Also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong”, it is a renowned attraction for both foreigners and locals. Visitors could see Chinese White Dolphins off the coast too.

The Tai O Heritage Hotel is situated mid-slope up a hill located at the tip of Tai O. Previously, the hotel used to be a police station that was built by the British in 1902. It was restored and renovations were made to retain its essence from the colonial era. Guests could feel at home with the hotel’s comfortable and modern furnishings.

Interior designers who worked on the project had to be careful to make sure the original walls and structures remained intact. And that new fixtures could be easily removed.

The decision to revamp the old police station into a hotel instead of a museum was because museums are hard to maintain. Having a hotel in Tai O allows visitors to be able to spend more time exploring the village.

Trip 2) Visit to Youth Square and Diocesan Boys School

The visits to both places were organized by the Hong Kong Architecture Center. Both buildings won architecture awards. Best part was – the tour was conducted and guided by building designers.

Youth Square

This place was designed as an activity area for youths. It aims to provide an outlet for young people to explore and expand their potential. Apart from Youth Square’s trendy style, it has a large variety of facilities like a studio, multi-purpose area, theatre, hostel, offices, and retail shops. This building won the Architectural Design Competition jointly organized by the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

The overall design concept expresses a new generation’s identity and the uninhibited character of youth. Three elements were used to achieve the overall feel: an organic approach, a hallway-open space, and a façade of translucent glass.

Diocesan Boys’ School

The Diocesan Boys School won the “Medal of the Year” in the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Award 2004. Designers who took on the task of revamping the school had to work with an unconventional school design, an inconvenient terrain, and the challenge to create an innovative look.

After their hard work, a 30-classroom primary school was built. And students benefit with an environment that is conducive to learning. The building now has environmentally features like natural ventilation, rain-water flushing, and heat recovery from the air-conditioning system.

Trip 3) Presentation drawing class at Kowloon Park

For a refreshing perspective, our Interior Design students had a drawing class presentation at Kowloon Park.

The park has a classical Chinese theme. And visitors can enjoy the view of birds, flowers, and trees. It is one of the largest parks in Kowloon at around 13.5 hectares. Some people call it the “green lung” of the city’s centre.

Trip 4) Guided Tour to Jao Tsung Academy

At the academy, the students had a good look at Professor Jao Tsung’s academic writings, paintings, and calligraphy. The place used to be the Lai Chi Kok Hospital. It was then revitalized to become an academy named after renowned Chinese scholar, Professor Jao Tsung-I. The academy aims to promote Chinese arts and culture.

“The field trip was interesting because seeing the real buildings in close up inspires me and helps me develop and improve my designs,” said Karolina Mazur, an Interior Design student.

Learning through Field Trips

College field trips are fun – they can be a refreshing change for people who do not like being cooped up in classrooms all the time. Most other schools do not organize field trips for their students because they are complicated and costly. But at Raffles, we want our budding professionals to receive the most of their education. And that is why students around our network of colleges usually have activities like field trips, events, or competitions planned for them.

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