Feng Shui Ideas For Your Outdoor Area

Feng Shui for your surrounding yard and out of doors spaces plays a vital role in helping you attract more of what you want in life!

* Energize your yard and home with solar lighting. Solar lighting, said to be a vital facet of “the power of green” is a superb way to illuminate the path to your house, surround your garden or light up any other special outside areas. Solar lights are a proven energy saver.

They store up the sun’s energy during the day, and then use this power to cast attractive illuminations at dusk and night time.

When you are making a smart and considerate environmental choice such as using solar lights, your actions are rewarded under the law of reciprocity ( universal law ) that those who practice Feng Shui understand.

to explain, when you treat the world you live in with consideration and kindness, kindness gets returned to you in the form of more opportunities and wealth, better self-esteem and a better resilience to life’s challenges which directly relates to living a healthier and happier life.

Lights that attractively line the way to your front door are beneficial to the flow of healthy Chi into your home or office. If you haven’t built a route to your door yet, consider installing a softly wandering path highlighted with solar lights, rather than a straight path leading directly to the entrance.

though solar lights may not shine as brightly as incandescent or fluorescent lights, the savings benefits and the fact that you are trying to reduce negative impacts to the environment make strong reasons to employ them. Attempt to place them in areas where they will receive more sun, rather than under trees or in the shade.

* Notice how you feel, when it comes to objects or plants in your immediate outdoor environment. We are all influenced by the influences around us. For example, shall we say you “inherited” some undesired plants in the yard when you purchased your home, and you dread having to trim these back each year, and they are definitely a discomfort to mow around and are a haven for mosquitoes.

For whatever reason, these plants just don’t appeal to you.

Every time you see these shrubs or have to address their upkeep, because you don’t love them you are experiencing a depletion of energy. The appearance of them is influencing you in a negative way, and it is influencing you whether you are consciously conscious of it or not!

The Feng Shui answer for your foul shrubs is to remove them and plant something you love…something that makes you feel good every time you see it, smell it or touch it.

Walk outside and take a look around. Are there eyesores that need to be addressed on your property? Is there a cement walk that’s old and broken up by tree roots? Having a “broken walk” isn’t what you want on your property, particularly if it is leading to your front door.

A good Feng Shui rough rule is to fix anything damaged on your property, whether within or outside.

take a while to make your energetic assessment. Write down an inventory of things that you either wish to replace, hide from view or fix. Then prioritize your list, and write down a feasible date for completion. Doing this will start the flow of positive energy toward you.

When it comes to Feng Shui out of doors, keep in mind that the objects you encounter in your yard, whether you are absolutely aware or not, impact your moods and sense of well being for better or worse.

Take these strategies and put them to work for you today!

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