Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

When you are redesigning a house, many people choose to incorporate feng shui principles in their selection of decorations as a means of attracting a good positive energy to their lives and environments.

A special attention is given to the various feng shui bedroom tips available in books, magazines, feng shui classes and Internet pages.

Why is the bedroom such an important place of the house and how can it benefit from the application of feng shui rules? Sleep occupies nearly half of our lives, and we spend this almost all of this huge amount of time in the bedroom, usually unaware of the impact that this part of the house has on us.

Feng shui bedroom tips can cover ways of attracting a positive flow of energy, it can provide methods to improve love life as well as remedies for sleep disorders, along with techniques to relieve the stress and anxiety from daily life and many many more of lifes stresses.

Thus, from the choice of wall painting colors to the presence of plants, totems and objects of art, every combination has to be in accordance with the harmony laws of feng shui.

We nevertheless need to mention the fact that some of the feng shui bedroom tips are often misinterpreted or even incorrectly presented which could lead to erroneous applications.

Therefore, choose your feng shui bedroom tips source carefully and responsibly, research wisely.

To give just an example of what the misinterpretation of feng shui bedroom tips could mean let’s consider the following case.

So, you’ve heard that the best colors for painting the walls of the bedroom are those close to skin color. However, this does not mean that you could paint a nude on one of the walls as you’ll be entering the realm of emotional painting.

Any figurative or realistic work of art sends a subtle emotional vibration, a charge that reflects the mood and the intention of the artist, and that is precisely the element that could damage the creation of a nice feng shui bedroom.

You will see that very many feng shui bedroom tips mention mirrors in a negative way. This aspect is reflected in the fact that most of the mirrors people use in bedroom design are wall size or too large and too close to the intimate area that is the bed.

Therefore, do your own research and learn how it could be energy-wise to have a mirror in the bedroom.

Moreover, do not neglect the laws of furniture simplicity that are also inherent to the feng shui art of decoration.

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