Feng Shui: Balancing the Energies

Feng Shui is a practice that has been used by the Chinese for over 3,000 years. It is said that if you arrange the furniture and contents within your home in a particular way it will help to bring balance and good fortune to your life. Translated into English, Feng Shui literally means “wind-water.” The Chinese have always maintained that clear water brings good health and gentle winds bring a good harvest. Modern Feng Shui involves mainly reorganizing furniture, but throughout history it involved a complex mixture of geo-location, astrological signs, and earth energy.

Some scholars consider Feng Shui to be little more than a form of ancient superstition. However, it is believed that the practice brings good health, wealth, and a more fulfilling bond between people and the earth. At the core of Feng Shui is the belief that everything is alive and filled with energy. The objective is to orchestrate the home so that it promotes the flow of energy. In order to know how to arrange a home, practitioners follow the Ba-Gua. This is an octagonal grid that contains the sacred symbols of the mysterious I Ching.

When studying Feng Shui, you will find there are a surfeit of intricacies to be learned. Once you have mastered the basic tenants, you will have the chance to learn the advanced and philosophical aspects of this ancient art. These studies often involve exploring the Lunar Cycle, the concept of Qi, and the Five Phases of birth and destruction to name a few. It is crucial you learn as much as possible about each aspect of the art so you can draw on a large store of information and experience.

It can take years, even a lifetime, to comprehend Feng Shui. You will be charged with understanding not only the space before you, but the people who will be inhabiting it. Every client will have a distinct need or energy requirement. You must simultaneously assess the client and the space and create the perfect, free-flowing space.

Enrolling in a recognized Feng Shui course will being your journey towards mastering this ancient practice. Beyond a mere degree or certificate of qualification, Feng Shui is a way of life. It is a useful tool for opening minds and spirits. Coupled with a solid foundation in interior design, Feng Shui could be the leverage you need to tip the scales of fortune in your favor. Tap into the energy and let the Qi flow.

If you are keen on enrolling in a Feng Shui course, be sure you contact respected Feng Shui academies.

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