Faqs About Metal Roofing For Toronto Homes

Metal roofs are an environmentally-friendly choice for homeowners. They also offer many benefits, such as being fire resistant, keeping homes cooler, light weight, can last 50 plus years, offer interlocking panels for wind resistance and comes in a variety of styles to match any home decor or neighborhood. While most homeowners understand the benefits of metal roofing, they may have other questions that need answered before making a decision.

What happens to metal roofing in Toronto during a lightning storm? While some homeowners may fear that metal roofing will attract lightning, this is not true. Lightning strikes the highest structures in an area, regardless of the material the structure contains, and metal roofing does not pose any additional risks to a home being struck by lightning, so homeowners do not have to worry in they live in an are prone to lightning storms.

How loud will the sound of rain be on metal roofing in Toronto? In general, metal roofs have deep, textured folds that does not produce the sound a drain hitting flat metal. Also, the insulation in the home’s attic and ventilation plays a role in keeping the rain noise down. If a homeowner’s home construction is likely to make noise in the rain, the roofer can install foam inserts under the metal shingles to deafen the sound of rain.

What about hail? Metal roofs are strong, durable and able to take whatever problems arise; however, in the rare occasion that a large hailstorm does cause denting or dings in the metal roofing in Toronto, most roofing companies offer a warranty that covers such damage for the homeowner. Repairing metal roof shingles damaged by hail is usually a simple job that only requires replacement of damaged materials.

Can a metal roof interfere with cell phone reception inside a home? Metal roofing in Toronto should not affect the phone reception inside a person’s home. Many commercial buildings have excellent phone reception, such as supermarkets, restaurants and other places where patrons use their phone indoors. So, if a homeowner has fair to poor reception inside the home without metal roofing, the roofing can make it worse. In this situation, the homeowner can add a cell phone signal booster inside the home to improve reception.

Can homeowners walk on a metal roofing? Metal roofs have strong, deep texturing that does not lose strength over time, so these roofs can withstand foot traffic when new and as they age. However, the roofing installer can give homeowners instruction on how to safely walk on their roof. If the metal shingles are going to be used in high traffic area, there are foam inserts that can be installed along with the metal shingles. These are optional, so the homeowner should ask about the foam inserts if interested.

Is metal roofing more expensive than other roofing materials? Metal roofs do have a higher upfront cost than other roofing materials, but a metal roof is an investment that increases the home’s value and can pay for itself with lowered energy cost for the homeowner. Metal roofs are long-lasting, so homeowners also save money by avoiding the need for re-roofing the home.

Anytime a homeowner invests in a home it is big decision and one that he or she should not take lightly. When choosing roofing material, he or she should think of it as an investment and consider the costs and savings as well as the durability and need for replacement when choosing between the various roofing options available. A professional roofer can assist homeowners by supplying them with information about different roofing options and offering advice.

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