1. Martin Inmoseley Martin Inmoseley

    Only 12% of EE's are female, so why use a female when they are clearly not interested in the field?

  2. Biplov  Jha Biplov Jha

    Well I have just started my undergraduate classes in electrical engineering, now after 4 years it feels like to graduate in all of its inter-disciplines

  3. Daniel M Daniel M

    NASA is fake. The astronauts are also not what you a told. The earth is also not a globe, but a flat plain.

  4. yu yu

    I want to pursue myself in the development of electric vehicles, should I take M.E. or this?

  5. max science max science

    I'm 12 and I want to be a electrical engineer but I have to wait. 🙁

  6. Nasro Hussen Nasro Hussen

    i just loved this video….

  7. Brad Turner Brad Turner

    could an electrical engineer also get into solar powered, or other forms of renewable energy? it seems like a very broad field im just wondering how broad.

  8. Angie Deras Angie Deras

    I'm so excited to start learning everything about being an EE. I feel like a child waiting in anticipation for that day they'll take him to Disneyland. I'm gonna be a senior in 2 months and I can't wait for university. Sure, i've been told it won't be easy> Yet, the excitement I feel for studying this branch of engineering is unbelievable. What can you recommend for me? What can you say to someone who wants to develop and design great things when she grows up? I love the idea of designing thing that will make someone's life easier. Designing something that will help with a global issue. Being part of a project that will help others.

    I am interested in this major because it is so vast and you have opportunities on anything. From medicine machinery, to astronauts machinery. Seriously, I really want to study this.

  9. Angela Angela

    the video was very well made, and great choice of music. could you tell me the name of the background music you used for this video? thanks

  10. munir hossen munir hossen

    I am really exited of this major design.

  11. Ognjen Mali Ognjen Mali

    all of them sound like they are from Serbia because that's what Serbian young people talk and do, soooo smart

  12. Muhammad Masrurul Hoque Muhammad Masrurul Hoque

    Loved it

  13. cbpist0lpete cbpist0lpete

    Im excited to be an EE major

  14. HeavyMecha HeavyMecha

    too many people don't have jobs in this field, that's probably why they interviewed students and teachers not people working in the industry.


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