Elder Care – Caregiving Guidance – How to care for an aging parent

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    • avatar Mayra N 1

      Great information!!
       I started a blog a few months ago because I couldn't find much information on elder care.  

      This is my Blog.  Its a place for anyone who is taking care of an elderly parent(s) and is looking for other people who are experiencing the same situation.  A place where you can express all the emotions that you go through when you become a caregiver for your parent.  

      • avatar acerb45666555 1

        what if she cant sleep in the bed, and wants to go to the rocking chair, then 45 minutes later, she wants to go back to the bed! And the process repeats itself all night long and you cant even sleep! And in the morning you have to do her errands for her, then at night, she wants to go to the rocking chair, then the bed, then the chair! Etc Etc!! Now you all know the misery of Elder care!! ……………..I have to drink to escape this!