Edwin Ohl House [1899] ~ New Castle Pennsylvania

Edwin Ohl House [1899] ~ New Castle Pennsylvania
House Plans
A two and one-half story square plan residence showing Queen Anne influence, It has coursed limestone foundation and running bond brick walls. It has a high hip roof, with east-west main ridge, tower with conical roof located in west bay, and gable roof wall dormers. It also has an arch motif cornice line.

The house was built in 1899 for Edwin Newton Ohl (1850-1922. At that time he Served as the manager of the New Castle office of Republic Iron and Steel. He later became president of United Iron and Steel (1906), president of New Castle Portland Cement Company (1908) and a director of the First National Bank. It was also once the home of Alex Crawford and June Hoyt. Mrs. Ohl was also a daughter of John Bower.
The Ohl family owned Republic Iron and Steel of Youngstown, Ohio.
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North Hill Historic District NRHP #00000056



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