Early Childhood Education: All about my major, classes, struggles, etc | Brianna Noelle

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    • avatar Jordan Robinson 1

      you suck

      • avatar Kaje Mathews 2

        I'm a senior in highschool and this is the major I want to pursue(I've taken my highschool child development and parenthood classes- Im also currently taking my schools reading core course where I go to elementary schools every day and read with kids). I'm kinda anxious about making the wrong choice in what major to pursue, but your video definitely gave me some reassurance.

        • avatar Suave & Desarae 1

          I graduate from my early childhood degree n 2018. I'm so excited!. I'm at a community college. when do u graduate?

          • avatar Ms. Mama Bear 2

            What college are you at? I am from east tn.

            • avatar Ayesha Karim 1

              I am majoring in Early Childhood Education too. I have a BA in English already since 2015. I am going for my second Bachelor's degree right now.

              • avatar Kinshuka de Silva 1

                It was a good video, I like it. anyway you can find here more about Early Childhood Education http://www.yahaloo.com/early-childhood-education/

                • avatar Dear_Dying_Breath 1

                  Considering a double major in History and Secondary Education. One thing keeping me from that is how long that'll take me to do, and the fact I'll be doing ROTC, and working two jobs at the same time… ;-;

                  • avatar Elizabeth Schiada 1

                    The curriculum theory classes I took are art for ECE, language arts for ECE, and intro to curriculum

                    • avatar Elizabeth Schiada 2

                      I mean it may try to get an internship again this fall.

                      • avatar Elizabeth Schiada 1

                        I didn't do as well in student teaching practicum. But in the lecture portion I got an A. But I took a child development internship class and made an A. Worked with toddlers. Really wanted infants though but it's okay. Toddlers are cool too. I may try to get an internship this fall.

                        • avatar Elizabeth Schiada 1

                          What school do you attend?

                          • avatar Alvanique Gaitor 2

                            thank God I found a vlog about some one doing early childhood, :) I'm pursuing a bachelor , thank you so much for sharing do well. we teach the future:D !!! yay