Dying Light The Following – Mother’s Death & Kyle Crane Transforms Into a Zombie Ending Cutscene

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    • avatar chandler shepler 1

      we will miss you kyle crane

      • avatar spittingfire300 games 0

        my voice sounds like kyle cranes i like it

        • avatar Kenrick Ybañez 2

          is that just a dlc

          • avatar A-37 1

            Fucking Godzilla looking bitch

            • avatar Leonardo Dwitt 1

              RIP, Volatile crane or night hunter crane, you will b missed :(

              • avatar Siska CalvArth 1

                I don't think he turns cause the mother says "you'll see for yourself"and when he says "where am I?" And there is a cigarette pack which the mother explain to kyle and you can also see the bus so it means Kyle see the beggining of the outbreak.there is a chance Kyle survived

                • avatar Dead Inside 0

                  what if at the end of the following Kyle turns into the type of zombie the mother was. cuz you know if you drink too much of the failed military antidote you turn into a sentient volatile which is what the mother was. crane drank the antidote sooooo….. maybe cranes a sentient volatile.

                  • avatar Kaylart 0

                    i think it's just kyle hallucinating because who the fuck would live outside of harran or even near the place, knowing what the hell is inside their. i really think he's seeing what the mother saw after she turned and got out of the tunnel, plus i think the cigarette case outside the tunnel belonged to the colonel, the mother's husband.

                    • avatar GamesWithRion007 2

                      just to get it out there,THIS IS not the only ending there are two options and I won't spoil. The second ending

                      • avatar MultiGames 1

                        Hallo i will to next dying light-dyimg light 2 a play a zombie in the night and day a man this war good or likes this komentar PLS

                        • avatar shawn williams 1

                          Still better than resident evil 7

                          • avatar _xBIGBOSSx_ 1

                            Kyle is not dead he is hallucinating because there would not be cars driving,kids playing and no zombies so he is not dead/a zombie.

                            • avatar Red 1

                              Crane is seeing what happened to Mother, and the beginning of the outbreak. (Probably).