Drama 200 yards away on the big screen.

Drama 200 yards away on the big screen.
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Please let me take a moment of your time to tell you a short account; my secular work as a manager at the world’s largest food manufacturing facility keeps me very busy, but I still take time for volunteer community service. I won the “You Make a Difference” award from my company for repeated and regularly participating in JIFF Summer Food Program (Jump Into Foods & Fitness) sponsored by the Northwestern Ohio Community Action, Inc. This is also part of my company’s ‘Nourishing your Neighbors’ program, where we volunteer work in the summer feeding under-privileged children lunch at West Elementary School, in Napoleon Ohio and it runs all during the summers.

Along with that for several years now I actively worked for the Feeding America Back Pack Program. The Back Pack Program is a national initiative through Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network. The program targets low income youth who qualify for free and reduced meals through the National School Lunch Program during the school week. These youth often do not know where their meals are coming from on the weekend. The Back Pack Program is designed to fill that gap so youth do not go hungry when school is not in session. We collect the food, sort it, and then fill the back packs ready for use; a lot of work but is very rewarding.

In the past I taught CPR for the Red Cross, ran as an advanced EMT, plus, I am also a benefactor and supporter of Relay for Life in June at the Henry County fairgrounds to support cancer research. Many other times such as at Earth Day in the springtime you find me volunteering for trash pick-ups.

Nevertheless, the most important volunteer work I perform is giving free home bible studies and helping all people draw closer to our God and Creator. Finding a cure for cancer or feeding children are just putting Band-Aids on problems of the world today; but teaching the bible is a life-saving work, which is so much more important. As this world gets worse and worse, following bible prophecy so accurately, we strive to share the life-giving message of hope, bringing comfort in a world full of despair, to show appreciation for the gift we have received. Think about it for a moment; imagine yourself on the Titanic and you feel the jar of the ship hitting something very solid. All of a sudden, you hear a loud knock on your cabin door, and as you open it, the steward excitedly tells you, the Titanic hit an iceberg and you should go up on deck and get in a lifeboat. You thank him for the life saving message but then, he asks you to go knock on the ten doors across the hallway before going up on deck, so he can go on and warn others. Would you knock on these ten doors and show your appreciation of getting this life-giving message by passing it on? On the other hand, would you be the type that greedily says, forget it; I am just going up on deck. Hopefully, you would be so appreciative that you too would be a life saver and knock on these ten doors of the neighboring cabins to share the same message that you just received. Just like the way we proclaim the message today, it does not matter if people slam the door shut on us, call us crazy, or turn their heads away; because then at least we tried, and our conscience is clear after the ship goes down.

Another fact I have found interesting over my lifetime is the apathy when it comes to the bible. Do you realize just how many millions of children, just in the United States, that just in the last twenty years have been raised in godless homes, which are in need of spiritual care and love? They have never really experienced it. These children may actually claim to be Christian, because their parents claimed to be Christian, but they have never opened a bible, or been taught about God. Just because you are happy and go to a church, you must also realize how many other people out there still need to be searched out and taught. These children might have been in a church only once or twice in their whole life, for a family wedding or funeral. Most of them were raised on movies and television, and now have no accountability in their hearts to a higher power. I am actually describing many people I have personally met and known over my lifetime, even relatives of mine. This is one of the reasons for so much crime, violence, and rebelliousness, because these children do not get instilled into them that they are accountable for their actions to their creator. Many young ones with no proper biblical upbringing do not even believe in God and atheism is sharply on the rise. Moreover, these millions of children are still out there, to be found and helped, because they were never really introduced to God’s real word, the Bible. Moreover, what is really sad is that after 20 and 30 years, these same children have babies of their own, and they still have no desire to go to a church, or understand the importance of studying their bible. We as Jehovah’s Witnesses are merely following Jesus commands and taking this message out to the ones that want to hear, or need to hear because they never had the opportunity. It does not matter what bible translation you use, the bible is very clear, here in Romans chapter 10, verses 13-17; here Paul was quoting words from the prophet Joel at (Joel 2:32). Note closely, Paul points out that faith does not come spontaneously; rather, it "follows the thing heard." When Jehovah’s Witnesses engage in the Kingdom preaching work, we are only doing what Paul wrote about here in Romans, and what Jesus assigned to his disciples, who have already been taught that "word." Love is the irresistible motivating force behind the preaching activity. Jesus set the example because there was a need to comfort the sheep and we follow his example.

Did you ever truly think about really why there are so many different religions today? Many people actually search for a church that agrees with their comfort level. In other words, if they do not like something, or they get counseled for doing something they actually like doing; they can always go to another church that will allow it. If you look far enough, you can find a church some place that will allow you to do just about anything you want, even if it is contrary to God’s Word the bible. And really, what are these people really looking for? They are looking for the easy road, one that will not affect their life style, approval of the masses.

It reminds me of my own mother when she was a younger lady, attended a Lutheran church with her brothers and sisters, and grew up on a large country farm. There was a neighboring family about a mile away that were Jehovah’s Witnesses, and my mother and one of her sisters were very worried about this family because these neighbors were very good people and they heard so many bad rumors about Jehovah’s Witnesses. So my mother and her sister went to these neighbors and got a couple of the publications, so they could read the books and then show the neighbors what was wrong with what they were doing with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now my mother’s sister was very astute having graduated from BGSU, and together they scrutinized the publications carefully to disprove what Jehovah’s Witnesses were teaching, and then to show their neighbors. Nevertheless, what my mother and her sister studied with an open mind, exposed them to the light of truth, because, these were truths from the bible itself.

Like a person who has been blinded in the dark, and then all of a sudden they see a flash of light. That light people see is the truth. What truth? Truth about what God’s Word the bible really teaches, without all the extra manmade pomp and paganism added in. Many people really seek the real truth about life and death, because they truly want to know in their hearts that they are approved by God.

Yes, my mother and her sister found out that this was truly the truth from the bible, and it followed the bible, so long story short, they continued studying and both became faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yes, when someone really longs for the true way of life and prays for help, Jehovah fills all honest hearted people’s lives.

But what about my mother’s other brothers and sisters? They did not accept the truth, because they were not interested in that. The other brothers and sisters were satisfied with what they had with religion, and if they did not like what their church said, they just would go to another church that would tell them what they wanted to hear with their life style.

Suppose all your life you believed what you were told, that you were saved, and even though you did what you wanted, you were guaranteed to go to heaven. Did you research the truth yourself from God’s Word the bible? Imagine how you would feel if you had trained for months to run a marathon and you had finished the race in first place, but then you were disqualified for unknowingly violating one of the rules. You could feel that all your effort was wasted. Could something like this happen with our worship of God? To please God, we must keep our worship free of lies about him. Jesus said: “The true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth.” (John 4:23) We learn the true path to God from his Word, the Bible.—John 17:17. With many people today, it has not changed much from when the Apostle Paul penned God’s inspired words at Romans chapter 1, and verse 25, “They exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the Creator, who is praised forever. Amen.”

Without doubt, it is all too easy for imperfect humans to bow to peer pressure. In taking a long journey, what would you do if you felt unsure about which way to go? You might feel tempted to follow other travelers; especially if you saw a great many making the same choice. Nevertheless, this is what many have done, and such a course is risky. After all, those travelers may not be heading toward your destination, or they too may be lost.

Just because the way seems right, remember, even Hitler had priests on his side and he prayed to God, but God has standards, and he turns away from many not worshiping by those strict standards, even though they think they are doing what is right. See Jesus words at Matthew 7:21-23.

Deliverance has always been selective and the bible shows everyone has a choice. Proverbs 2:21-22 KJV says; “For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it. But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.”

This actually, matches what Jesus himself said in his famous, Sermon on the Mount, in chapter 7 of Matthew, if you look at verses 13 & 14; instead of supporting the idea that there are many acceptable ways to approach God, the Bible teaches that there is only one.

Matthew 7:13, 14 says: “Go in through the narrow gate; because broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are the ones going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are the ones finding it.”

The very fact that there are two roads proves we have a choice, and our lives are not just ruled by destiny or some clock waiting to end our life.

One road is broad, in other words travelers are permitted to do their own thing.

But the other road is cramped, and those on that road must adhere to God’s direction.

Notice too, that the broad road has no gate, so anyone can go down it with no restrictions, and the majority does not want all those restrictions.

Nevertheless, the cramped road has a gate, meaning they must make changes in their lives and pass an inspection even before entering it.

Jesus taught that most of mankind is traveling along the broad road that leads to destruction. Some people on the broad road have made a deliberate choice to reject what the Bible teaches, but many others are there because they have been deceived, or kept in the dark, as to what Gods Word the bible really requires of them.

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