Differences In Above Ground Pool Liners.

Above ground pool liners are a highly recommended purchase for a pool owner to make. Above ground pool liners keep water from escaping your pool, keeps leaves and branches from falling in your pool and keep the water temperature comfortable. Unfortunately you will need to replace liners for your pool at some state. So what types of pool liners are there?

Now you have to make the decision on which liner you purchase. Do you get a beaded liner or an overlap liner? The only difference between the two is how they attach to the pool. The beaded liner has a groove in the edge that snaps into the inside edge of the pool where there is a track.

For an overlap liner, the top rail of the pool is to be removed and the liner will click into the pool with plastic clips and then the top rail of the pool is replaced.

Now that you know which liner you want you need to find the measurements of your pool to order a liner that will fit the size and shape of the pool. The best investment you can make in your pool is to buy the best quality liner. If you purchase a cheaper liner, it will damage easily and you may have to replace it more often.

Keep in mind that thin liners do not last anywhere near as long as liners made from thicker vinyl. The thickness of the vinyl you purchase should be stated on the vinyl at the store where you are purchasing it.

After deciding on which type of liner you are going to purchase, now you can decide on if you want a standard blue liner or a fancy, bright colorful liner. There is a large range of patterns you can choose from. either fish or swirls or a tile pattern effect.

Now all you need to do is have the liner fitted. If you have absolutely no idea as to how to install the liner, get a professional to do it. You could damage the liner quite easily if you do not know how to install it correctly. The installer can show you the correct way to do it, so that if you need to replace the liner again you will know how to.

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