Differences between Steel and Wooden Garage Doors

Garage door manufacturers offer a variety of doors made from different materials. They can elegantly enhance the beauty and match with the exteriors of your place. The most commonly used materials are steel and wood. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both these materials. There are numerous garage door repair Brampton technicians offering comprehensive range of solutions for both types of doors. Regular maintenance of doors can help you in retaining their pristine condition for years.

Both steel and wooden doors are most popular type of doors installed in commercial and residential settings. People often get confused when it's about selecting one of these two material doors. The following points might help you in understanding their properties and reliability.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are found mostly in domestic settings. The reason being, they are cost-effective, versatile and durable. You can avail them in numerous colors, designs and finishes. These doors are easy to maintain and can withstand harshest conditions. Steel symbolizes strength and steel doors are meant to perform for several years without any flaw.

Now, people can also attain wooden appeal from their steel doors as numerous laminated steel doors are available in the market. The strength of steel and aesthetic appeal of wood can be culminated into one laminated steel door.

Steel is a light-weighted and subtle metal as compared to wood. It is more prone to damage. Thus, it requires care and periodic maintenance. You need to make sure that you provide utmost attention towards the door and its parts for reliable and smooth operation.

The two common types of steel doors are roller and up and over doors. These doors are easy to install and maintain. The roller doors opens vertically and while closing rolls up around the drum mounted at the opening. The up and over door comes outward and then hangs up below the ceiling. This door is more apt for the homes having large driveways.


Wooden doors are chosen by the persons willing to transform their ordinary looking home into an elegant place. The wooden doors are high in price as compared to steel. There are numerous types of wood used to create these doors ranging from Mahogany to cedar.

Wooden doors are available in numerous designs, colors and finishes. Wood is a tough material and can easily bear adverse climatic conditions. Wooden doors render more insulation than steel. It is the best alternative for improving the curb appeal of your home. Window panels and hardware are placed to make it more eye-catching. Wooden doors are more robust and secure. So, the heavy duty steel doors can compete with sturdy wooden doors in the market.

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