Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit

Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit
Event on 2017-08-02 18:30:00
Join three teachers that explore three avenues of detoxification through body, mind and spirit. Neglecting one or more of these areas breaks the connection for our body to work in harmony. Through our body we will explore nutrition, toxic load, and emotions. With mind we'll learn tools to break free of mind traps and negative patterns and thinking. With spirit we will learn to clear our minds through meditation, energy work and chakras. And also explore how essential oils can help detoxify in all of these areas. Ages 18 and up.  When: Wednesday August 2nd from 6:30-7:30 PM. Where: JUMP Inspire Studio on the fourth floor, take a right out of the elevators and head towards the big Inspire sign.  Cost:  This is part of our Connecting Community Program Series where members of the community share their passions and talents, come get inspired!  Drop ins are available if there is still space in the class, check the ticket to see how many spaces remain.  Instructor: Sherri Porter "I am a Health and Wellness Coach and Educator and passionate about helping families with natural health. I am an Interior Designer and a custom home builder and five years ago I made a career change to educating families about making naturally healthy choices. Our daughter Ami, 12 years ago developed a twitch in her leg which eventually over the years went into terrible tremors. Her Neurologist told us it was from toxins in her body (possible cleaning products and medications she was exposed to at that time) that lined up and created a rare chemical reaction. She is now 41 and has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, she is in a wheelchair with 24hr care. Five years ago I sat in an essential oils class and the message spoke to my heart that by using these natural options I could be in control of my own healthcare. For years I have been researching toxins in food and products, reading labels and choosing toxin free when possible. In the class that night, I had an overwhelming feeling, telling me I needed to be sharing what I know with others. So I changed careers that night!" What inspires you? "I love being in nature and feeling the peace and energy there. I love to go to the mountains and find a quiet place to journal and listen to the spirit guide my thoughts and inspire me to reach higher, push harder, and become a better person. I want to make a difference in someones life by just being there for them, listening and serving them. I am inspired by people who are reaching their goals, knowing I am on that journey too. I am inspired by unconditional love for myself and others." Instructor: Heather Pruett Heather is a Mentor, Presenter, Trainer, and mother of five amazing children.  She is the owner of Elevate, a company created to inspire change, improve relationships, and increase self-mastery.  Heather has been doing training seminars across the valley, including Air Force Marriage Seminars, mentoring and witnessing individuals lives change as they implement the mindset training she has set in place.  The very tools she has used to “free her mind” and make amazing life changes.   She graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational and Interpersonal Communications. What inspires me? "I am personally inspired when an individual takes the life that they are living, gains courage to try something new, and upgrades their lives and relationships to the next level.  I am inspired and passionate about looking for ways to help others.  To inspire and ignite in them passion within themselves to rise to their TRUE POTENTIAL!  This is incredibly inspirational to watch."  Instructor: Dani Yi Dani lives in Boise with her husband and four kids. She recently started her own yoga business called Hana Yoga. She has practiced yoga for the last four years and focused on Yin Yoga for the last 2 1/2 years. She is a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys meshing together her love for essential oils, yoga & meditation into her classes. What inspires me? "I love helping others! Whether it's helping with their physical and emotional needs or helping with their Mind/Body/Spirit connection through yoga & meditation.  We are all here on this Earth together… let's support, love & lift each other through this crazy journey we call life!" FAQs   What is JUMP? JUMP – or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place – is a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise. Please go to to learn more and join our newsletter so you are in the know on fun, spontaneous happenings at JUMP. JUMP is a dynamic and innovate space that is not suitable for unattended children, please monitor your children and be thoughtful of their safety at all times. What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? You may bus, bike, drive, walk, skip, etc. Check Boise's bus schedule at We love bikers and have beautiful bike racks to secure your ride. If you plan to drive, paid parking is available in Simplot's below ground parking garage, which is accessible from Myrtle Street between 11th and 9th Street. Please note, Simplot's below ground parking garage is only available after 4pm until 6am on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Apologies, the JUMP parking garage is currently under construction.  Do you have accommodations for people with disabilities? Absolutely. We support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and encourage participation by everyone. If you require special accommodations to participate in our programs or to use our facilities, please view the JUMP Building Map to locate accessible parking spaces or call 208.639.6610 for additional information.   What is the refund policy? We depend on your enrollment for a successful class so please plan your schedule carefully. Classes which do not meet minimum enrollment are subject to cancellation. Refunds are issued in full if the class or program is cancelled, if you cancel at least seven days before the starting date of the class, or for documented medical reasons. Please email to request a refund.  What about cancelled classes? Please check our website and the hours of operation for any cancellations, you may also call the front desk at 208-639-6610. We will email registered participants and also post on our facebook page.     Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please email with any questions/concerns/compliments/puns. Notice of Photographic and Media Recording When entering the JUMP premises, you are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording will occur. By entering these premises, you consent to all recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction to be used for any JUMP purpose. You further waive your rights to all claims in connection with any JUMP publication, regardless of its purpose.  If you have any questions please call (208) 639-6610.

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