DESIGN + BUILD | Space Station!

DESIGN + BUILD | Space Station!
Event on 2017-11-04 13:00:00
Ideal for ages 9-12
Imagine living in space: floors and walls lose their meaning without gravity telling you which is which; food doesn't stay on your plate; even days don't exist without the sun setting and rising. How do scientists and architects design structures for astronauts to live in space? In celebration of November's World Science Day for Peace and Development, stretch your mind and get creative as you solve the unexpected challenges of living 220 miles above the planet and design your very own space station - perhaps the one you'll live in when you grow up!

About DESIGN + BUILD Workshops
Dive into the design process with our DESIGN + BUILD workshops. Have fun as you and your child learn about design, build a project from your imagination, and hone your creative problem-solving skills. We offer new workshops each month (more often during our Constructing Play exhibition), so you can come again and again to work with others and build something amazing!

at Philadelphia Center for Architecture
1218 Arch Street
Philadelphia, United States



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