Denver – How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career

Denver - How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career
Event on 2017-12-09 08:00:00
Workshop Description
If you are frustrated with stagnant career progression, poor management, a lack of clarity of your goals and purpose, or if you struggle in your interactions with peers, co-workers, or customers, this 4-hour workshop, How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career, will fuel you with the mindset to take control of your career and give you the tools to make a meaningful impact for yourself and for others.

Who Should Attend
Working Professionals who seek more fulfillment from their career by making a greater impact on others and adding value in their organization.

This workshop will teach you about:
· Owning your career through mindset
· Finding clarity around your Purpose
· How Emotional Intelligence benefits your career
· Why staying true to yourself will help you get along better with others
· 3 key things that will sabotage your career
· How to build confidence
· The one thing more powerful than confidence
· Creating accountability

Presenter Bios
Scott Stolze
Scott Stolze is the Innovator and Founder of Teaching 2 Lead, thru which he teaches others how to find Career Fulfillment and become better leaders of themselves. Scott recently spent over 5 years with CVS Health (Fortune 10 company) in Leadership roles in which management skills and personal accountability were essential. In addition to holding positions with several large corporations over the past 22 years, Scott also spent 14 months in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, volunteering in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Scott helped start two programs (including a formal non profit) whose missions were to help families who were moving back into rebuilt homes get furniture. He’s also spent time working for and volunteering with United Way, Catholic Charities and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Rebecca MacLean
Rebecca MacLean is a Certified Master Facilitator for Regenerating Images in Memory, a holistic technique that assists people to move through lifelong mental & emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in a matter of hours, allowing clients to achieve their goals and dreams. Directly under the tutelage of the innovator and founder of the RIM Institute, Dr. Deborah Sandella, Rebecca is one of only 12 facilitators in the world trained at the Masters level. Rebecca resides in Colorado with her husband and three grown children.

at Courtyard Marriott Cherry Creek
1475 S Colorado Boulevard
Denver, United States



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