Decorating According To Feng Shui

Feng Shui decorations involve many of the aesthetic, geographical, mathematical and religious concepts. They have a strong belief in the complex mixing of these concepts. Feng Shui is pronounced as (fung schway) which means wind and water is the literal translation in Chinese words. Decorating according to Feng Shui actually is a discipline by itself that consists of decorating themes that are based on the mystical elements as far as philosophy of the Chinese is concerned.

Feng Shi decorations - in harmony with nature:

Objects and layout of Feng Shui decorations have to be in harmony in nature. The designs are also influenced by the people themselves, where the designs are either subtracted or added from Feng Shui surroundings. The environment around the people is asserted with inner energy, which is also called chi. Chi as well as the life force helps in affecting the surrounding that people live in.

Not many people knew that feng shui existed until the twentieth century. It was only through oral methods that Feng Shui was known to people then. Gradually even books were written and on the common beliefs of Feng Shui. The writings of Chui His who belonged to the Song dynasty and belonged to the early philosophy of the Chinese have been responsible for writing a lot on the common beliefs of Feng Shui. Till then the knowledge available on Feng Shui was only less tribal and not much known to people.

The flow of nature's energy to create harmony in the surroundings:

Much interested was generated amongst the westerners about Feng Shui. Initially they were skeptical but gradually they became interested in it. In Feng Shui it is believed that has a lot of chi or energy is focused in wind and water. It is essential hence that all the possessions, landscaping, dwellings etc should be maintained according the flow of nature's energy that is chi.

There are a number of guidelines which need to be followed in Feng Shui. Clutter should be avoided pools of water, mirrors and crystals need to be used as they help in moving energy forces and help in redirecting energy in certain directions. If you are lying in bed or are sitting at your table, you should be able to have a clear view of the entire room. Doors should be in certain directions only, mirrors and water needs to placed in certain parts of the room only etc. Chimes also need to be hanged at the doors and windows accordingly.

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