Creativ Salzburg Autumn

Creativ Salzburg Autumn
Event on 2017-09-01 00:00:00

The Creativ Salzburg is Austria’s only trade fair for gifts, interior decor accessories and lifestyle items. Taking place twice per year, It is a ‘must’ for all related traders in souvenirs through to domestic interior design and decor accessories.

In its 30+ years of existence the Creativ Salzburg has established itself as the leading ordering event in this field. On the one hand due to its regional flavor and on the other due to its international influence in countries beyond the national borders.

The Creativ Salzburg offers immense variety, all under one roof, featuring big-name exhibitors in gift ideas, domestic decor accessories, design and lifestyle articles, stationery and writing equipment, floristry, hobby and handicraft supplies, souvenirs, glass, porcelain and ceramics, trend articles, stuffed toys, toys and games, fashion and smoking accessories.

Finally, the short distances, the pleasant atmosphere and the famous Austrian hospitality add to what makes this comprehensive trade show concept so special and unique.

at Messe Salzburg
Am Messezentrum
Salzburg, Austria



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