Corporate Interior Design

I think one of the most interesting aspects of interior design is corporate interior design, and this is because of the fact that not only do you have to design a working environment which reflects the brand that the corporation is going for, but you are going to have to do so and make all your employees like it, and if we know the world of working, they can be a tough crowd to please, if you get my meaning.

For one thing, I bow to those companies who are going to be doing this type of corporate interior design, and for the fact that they are going to be dealing with a wrangling board of directors with vastly different ideas on how their lobby should look like. A giant golden Garuda or a statue of some fascist dictator saluting the sky? What about a fountain. Now if you think that is safe, think again. Now that the West is buying into the East just as much as we are gazing at MTV and thinking its ‘cool’ – a lot of these big wigs want to have good feng shui in their lobby to invite as much profit as they can and kick bad energies like embezzlement, fraud, low profits and credit crisis’s.

Especially with the debacle of Enron and the 2009 financial crisis, more and more companies who have managed to come out winning albeit a little pale on the cheeks have decided to inculcate geomancy in their interior design wish list. So, going back to the fountain, they are a myriad of things we need to look at. The water should be essentially coming in, and not away from the HQ, sort of like washing away all the money. There cant be any sharp edges and for one thing, the dragon figure head has to have a smiley face. I think you get my meaning.

While we can deviate from things like this, there are many other issues we have to face when we are thinking about corporate interior design. For one thing brand association and branding is quite important. You are not going to put in cheap redwood and plastic chairs in the Ritz Carlton head office are you. But then again, in the light of hard times and the Green movement being such a Titanic, you need to curb spending and seem like you are worried about the environment while you serve billion dollar industrialists and petrol moguls from Russia. In the end of the day, it is literally a minefield of things to be done, and if you have seen some of the offices in Singapore and even the rest of the world, we have a range of the garish and the beautiful, the functional and the splendid. All in all, corporate interior design is something that will always spark a little interest in the world of interior design because it is so unconventional, so garish and so in your face that you have to pay attention.

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