Copper Roofing

Vital information on building industry components: Copper roofing explained

There are many reasons why copper roofing is such a popular building material. It is one of the most reliable and long-lasting construction components available today. Copper roofing is just one of a number of robust sheet metals used for finishing properties along with the likes of steel, aluminium and zinc roofing along with a host of metal alloys.

Copper roofing is a blanket term for sheet materials which are either made of pure copper or alloys. Copper is a metallic element known for being easy to work with and attractive in appearance. It has been prized as a workable material for all sorts of applications for thousands of years. For instance there is evidence that it was highly sought after in the Roman Empire. The majority of it is extracted from large pits or mines all over the world.

Copper roofing is versatile and durable, lasts a very long time and is relatively easy to install. The material is suitable for use on residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. It can also be used for siding to creative an aesthetically pleasing architectural finish. There are many different profiles and styles available to fit almost any construction.

One good thing about copper roofing if you are environmentally minded is that old roofs can be melted down and reused in new properties as it is 100 per cent recyclable without any loss of quality. Along with other metal materials such as aluminium, you can get copper roofing products which are as high as 95 per cent recycled.

Where can I find a first class specialist supplier of copper roofing?

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