Contractor Commercial Lighting Fixtures Save You Money In The Long Run

Application oriented commercial lighting vendors provide electrical specialists with a complete array of contractor lighting fixtures, lamps, and accessories. Equipment selection is guided by advanced photometric designs that render 3D models of systems proposed in order to pinpoint the most optimal fixtures, lamps, optics, and mounting positions.

Equipment and accessories in all major categories of commercial lighting equipment can be found on our site, along with case studies detailing numerous projects in each of the major commercial lighting disciplines.

All equipment sold by these vendors is exclusively manufactured in the USA. The highest levels of engineering and workmanship are reinforced by the best warranty services in the world. Shipping is expeditious and efficient to both domestic and international destinations.

New technology continues to push the performance envelop in each of the major categories of contractor lighting. Area lighting, architectural lighting, parking lot lighting, decorative lighting, commercial interior lighting, industrial lighting, sport lighting, and energy efficient lighting all continue to make major strides in the areas of dark sky compliance, power conservation, and increasingly long lamp life.

With so many equipment options available, finding the right luminaires for a project can often be a daunting task. Electrical contractors with years of experience often develop a preferred list of products in their own minds that they consistently seek out for various related projects.

This adherence to proven technology helps them avoid the pitfalls of possibly inferior grade fixtures. However, it can also limit their ability to benefit from newer, emerging technologies in contractor lighting.

For this reason, application oriented commercial lighting vendors make it a point to offer photometric design services in conjunction with its equipment sales. With advanced lighting design software, our team is able to render sophisticated models of the project using various commercial lighting fixtures as potential system components.

Results are assessed and cross referenced, and findings are reported back to the client. This allows electrical specialists to make fully informed decisions as to which pieces will best serve the needs of the project at hand.

Contractor lighting sales are therefore always guided by a conscious, systematic analysis of need, cost effectiveness of operation, and long-term quality of performance. This is a much more robust approach to equipment supply than the standard business model of most equipment vendors.

While all commercial lighting suppliers represent the major manufacturers and provide a full spectrum of choices to their clientele, application oriented vendors add calculated risk assessment and projected outcome analysis as ancillary guidance to the decision making process.

While there is a cost for the photometric analysis, this cost is rebated back to the client whenever commercial lighting fixtures or accessories are purchased through such a vendor.

The initial investment is therefore well worth the front end fee, not only because it is ultimately rebated, but also because it offers a clear picture of the final outcome prior to the actual purchase of any contractor lighting products.

This avoids the very painful, and very costly, realization that many experience when they realize after the fact that better options were available, but not readily apparent, due to the sheer volume of products that proliferate today’s marketplace.

With an application oriented commercial lighting supplier, ROI is better ensured through consultative dialogue, calculated analysis, and conscious, advance planning.

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