Construction Projects Ease Commuter Congestion

The economy may have slowed down the construction of new homes and halted some unfinished projects for builders, but construction work has not stopped entirely. In fact, there are more highway projects being started or expanded than the construction industry can handle. State funded highway projects that are utilizing federal stimulus money are breathing new life into rundown roadways and expanding highways with new lanes to handle every mounting flow of traffic that commuters face daily.

Traffic cones and sign bearers indicate the need for traffic to slow down or stop completely as large trucks with self dumping hoppers are waved on the road from construction areas. In some areas the highway construction projects have different crews working simultaneously on three or four different components of expansion making it difficult for impatient drivers to move through the heavy construction traffic and congestion created by the dump trucks, bulldozers and backhoes.

In one neighborhood new construction of a freeway ramp has heavy equipment moving like a slow lumbering dinosaur as construction crews meticulously groom the site building up foundations and footings for concrete causeways that will more then double the amount of traffic that can be currently handled by the off ramp and overpass. A few miles away a connector road is being built to ease congestion on the one single lane highway that leads from remotely outlying communities to the freeway.

The new connector highway will have six lanes of traffic racing over the landscape, thereby alleviating congestion of the heavy traffic that hampers the drive through main street and cutting down the commute time by an estimated fifteen to twenty minutes.

These two projects will eventually meet together and join making access to the freeway and from the freeway to the outlying areas smooth and easy. Another part of the overall construction plan includes the building of a six lane overpass that rises up and carries drivers over a railroad tunnel. The tunnel and roadway are to be built where a current railroad crossing now exists.

Each day more and more trucks can be seen hauling materials to and fro from the numerous construction sites around the area. Most of them are self dumping hopper transport trucks that side dump earth either from a digging project to expand part of the highway or from a building project to increase the amount of surface for the road to go through. Although the projects will take months to finish there is already a growing buzz about the convenience of the finished constrction.

Nationwide Industrial Supply ( offers one of the largest selections of materials handling equipment and industrial supplies like a self dumping hopper for easy storage, transport and disposal of raw waste materials. Art Gib is a freelance writer.


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