Construction Project Management: Theoretical Courses

Due to the explosive growth in housing and other infrastructure construction projects, there is a burgeoning need to provide highly skilled construction project management. This is a widely held opinion despite the continuing downtrend in the housing market due to the sub-prime mortgage financial debacle. Why? It is an undeniable fact that infrastructure is one of the essential bulwarks of modern economies.

In our era of massive housing projects, colossal dams, new airport projects and turn-key industrial townships, construction project management has become a highly marketable profession. It is no surprise, then, that those with certification in applied management project software, whether they are experienced professionals or freshly graduated college students, are now receiving six figure salaries despite the recent slump in the modern housing market. The Project Management Institute is renowned for granting certifications in this field.

Good construction management courses often discuss current methods and concepts of applied management, architecture, law, civil engineering, information technology, and behavioral and social sciences. Good courses will combine theory and practice, giving you a practical advantage in the workplace. While knowledge and practices in the infrastructure sector are becoming more complex, and the sector demands professionals with diverse training who can better help management understand and use available technology.

To acquire a solid foundation in the fundamental relationships and phenomena that characterize the changes taking place in the infrastructure sector, it is necessary to take theoretical courses in construction project management. However, to relate theories of construction project management to practical problems in real estate, infrastructure, and construction projects, applied courses are necessary.

Leaders in academics, business, and technology in construction gathered at an international forum in 1986 to discuss cooperation in standardization of best practices of infrastructure and related industries. One of the consequences of this international forum was the beginning of the specialized construction project management major at several universities in both America and England.

Real estate development has become a high profit and high risk business. Many industrial houses and corporations have expanded into this area. Certified construction project managers can find many opportunities to succeed and profit in the real estate business. Perhaps you should consider a career in one of the most lucrative and rewarding fields – construction management.

One of the most demanded jobs in the housing and construction sector is construction project management. There are large projects that demand this including housing projects, dam construction, airports, and industrial parks. College graduates with certification in applied management project software and other methodologies often start with a six figure salary in spite of the current slump in the housing market. A popular certification for college graduates is offered by the project management institute. Real estate development has turned into a high profit and high risk business. Many industrial houses and corporations have diversified into this business.

George Purdy, a specialist on construction project management, wrote several articles and is a recognized public speaker on this matter. You’ll find here more tips and tricks on project management.

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