Construction Management “Civil Construction Services”

Construction of civil buildings is not an over-night process. It requires proper planning and then, the implementation of the same in a pre-planned manner. This is how large number of commercial buildings has been constructed so far. If the construction plan is not rightly followed, it can lead to the delay of the project. Continue reading and beef up your understanding of the procedures that are followed in the civil construction services.

Procedure For Civil Construction Services

Civil Construction Services are provided by experts working with a construction firm. They follow the below-mentioned procedures for the completion of the construction projects:


The first requirement is to conduct market research or carry out economic feasibility study to build commercial project.


Next, the design requirements must be documented. This must be created by an architect or design professional. The documentation typically includes the area required, relation of different areas, site work, budget, etc.

Survey Of Existing Situations

After having chosen the building site, a site survey for new buildings or an existing facility survey for additions is needed. New buildings also necessitate an additional soil investigation report.

Project Management

The next important aspect after deciding to initiate the commercial construction is to manage the project. This includes coordination of engineers and architects in the design phase.

Site Development

Site development planning can be of a great importance in the designing of the building.


Designers must be selected according to the size of the project. For a small project, only one designer may be sufficient. However, in case of a large project, more number of designers or architects may be necessary.


Once the authorities having jurisdiction over the construction have approved the project, a contractor for constructing the building has to be hired. This is done by bidding or by negotiating contract with the pre-selected contractor. The alternate method is “Design-Build”. Here, the owner finalizes contract with the design builder, who provides the design and hires the contractor, engineer and architect. In case of bidding or negotiation, questions are put up by the contractors who have to answer in writing.


After choosing the contractor, administration must be carried out to check if the construction is progressing as per the documents. This includes scrutiny of contractor’s performance, inspection of materials, installation of furnishings and equipment, etc. After the construction has been completed, project closeout is required to confirm and verify the work according to the documents, for issuance of final certificates for payment.

Post Contract Services

After the building has been constructed, additional services like operation & Maintenance program review, building commissioning, record drawing services and Warranty review are also considered as important.

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