Construction Drawings Aids CAD Drafting Industry

Construction Drawings are incredibly vital for apt design development and construction of building and civil establishments. Construction Drawings ought to be drawn to scale by the drafters who should exhibit all the required details for compliance with local building codes. Construction Drawings can be defined as “Drawing Sets containing all intricate details and drawings of every part of the building”. These are also known as CD Sets. For residential home construction it may include sections, elevations, site detail, door window details, information on construction materials etc. In terms of structural drawings, it may include position of retaining walls and sections, types of beam, connections, roof details etc. Construction drawings are essential for all type of constructions whether it is industrial, residential or commercial. Construction drawings are a must even for renovation or resurrection of any old building.

CD Sets provide you with adequate information for the specific contractor to accomplish a project, whether Architectural, Structural or MEP. Construction drawings consist of the Roof Layouts, Furniture layout, Reflected ceiling plan, Electrical Layout plan, Schematic Drawings etc. Construction Drawings are of utmost importance for initiation of any construction project. Following standards, codes and construction guidelines are very crucial to get the drawings approved for construction.

Possessing completed and very well documented construction drawings can get the contract bid in your favour. Construction drawings are also known as working or shop drawings. Construction drawings have many benefits:

1. Planning and valuation of cost for every phase of the project.
2. Offers apparent instructions regarding the required layout,quantity of materials along with the anticipated finished project.
3. Provides you with documentation for each and every facet of the project for future use.
4. Facilitates the Approving authorities to examine and identify potential problems and suggest solutions.
5. It is faster and easier to handle a complex set of drawings in a computerized system.
6. Alterations in design and construction documents can be made efficiently.
7. Changes to drawings could be very easily reprinted, without under-going the cumbersome process of developing new blueprints.
8. Alteration in the design are well incorporated in all sections of the drawings.

Construction Drawings are a part of Drawings and are presented in 2D format. This can also be obtained from a Building Information Model. This virtual construction model can be altered and viewed along all angle instead of obtaining a sequence of drawings drafted from distinct viewpoints.

Construction drawings consist largely of right-angle and perpendicular views drafted by draftsmen employing standard drawing techniques, symbols, construction standards, building codes etc. The first portion of the construction drawings contains the site plan, foundation plans, floor plans, as well as framing plans. General drawings also include plans as well as elevation drawn on a very small scale compared to construction drawings.

Eventually, Construction drawings offer related and useful information about the construction process to all associated like builders, contractors etc. These drawing sets form the foundation of any construction process. Without this, a construction process cannot be initiated.

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