Construction Chemical Solutions: Support System of Construction Process

Construction is a very complex process and an amalgamation of various other activities. A construction plan and construction materials are the two most important things to be considered in a construction process. Without these two things no construction process can be conducted.

Construction chemical solution – backbone of construction

For every kind of construction chemical solution is required by all the construction company. With the help of construction chemical solution the structure of any build is made strong to fight against some naturally occurring issues like floor topping and water leakage.

Construction Company uses construction chemical solution to bring safety and stability and durability to the structure. Construction chemical solution makes the material for construction more suitable and effective for construction.

Following are some types of construction chemical solution used by Construction Company:

* Acrlic modifier Polymer – these are cement Modifier and repairing- used to increase the mechanical characteristics like adhesion of cement.
* SBR Latex – these are another kind of cement modifiers used mainly for water proofing purpose and repair as well.
* Polysulphide sealant – these are used for the purpose of sealing of vertical, horizontal and ceiling joints.

Without construction chemical solution no construction can be good and strong.

What are the materials required for construction process?

Like construction chemical solution there are other items too that are very important for any construction company to carry on the construction process. The materials for construction that are commonly used in every kind of construction process are:

* Cement
* Concrete
* Clay
* Admixtures
* Sealants and many more

Admixtures – one of the important materials for construction

Among other construction materials admixture is important. Any material other than cement and water is regarded as admixture. It is used as an ingredient of concrete which is added to the batch just before or at the time of mixing.

Types: admixture can be of various types based on their function

* Retarding admixture – this type of admixture is used to control the temperature of concrete.
* Accelerators- this is used to offset the retardation effect from other type of admixtures.
* Air – entrained – this admixture acts as stress reducers and is helpful for concrete that are being exposed to moisture and mainly to wt deicing chemicals at the time of freezing condition and thawing condition.
* Anti-freezing Admixtures – this type is used in the precasting process, at freezing and below freezing temperatures. They help in lowering the freezing point of water present in the fresh concrete.
* Antiwashout admixture – this type of admixture is used to enhance the rheological properties present in the cement paste. It is commonly used for large placements and in repair process, underwater. They are also helpful in producing self levelling concrete.
* Shrinkage-compensating admixtures are used for the purpose of shrinkage compensation in concrete.

Functions of admixture: why are they used?

Admixture helps in the following processes:
* Reduction of segregation
* Acceleration or retardation of initial setting
* Prevention or reduction of shrinkage
* Improving the pump ability and also the finish ability
* Decreasing the permeability of concrete
* Increasing of bond between new concrete and existing concrete, and many others.

Construction chemical suppliers – source of construction materials

Construction chemical suppliers are those companies that provide all the necessary chemicals and materials that are required for the function of construction. Construction chemical suppliers supply the necessary materials to the construction companies to carry out the process of construction. Often both of them are confused to be one and same but it’s not that. One supplies material and the other make use of the materials to construct.

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