Construction Accidents In New York

Construction accidents occur frequently in the United States, for a wide variety of reasons. Ketover & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law in Garden City, New York know only too well how common construction accidents in New York are, and they actively counsel within this specialty of the practice.

Their core competence within this legal specialty stems from a detailed knowledge of the New York Labor Laws, and the types of accidents laborers of all kinds experience when injured on the job. They have seen construction accidents resulting in serious injuries as a result of construction, repair, renovation, demolition, and cleaning and painting-related job site accidents. In some cases, recoveries have resulted in settlements for millions of dollars. Unfortunately, many workers who are hurt on the job don not realize that they might be entitled to compensation.

The Labor Laws of the State of New York empowers Ketover & Associates, LLC to be a very effective advocate, representing victims of construction accidents. They highly recommend that victims of construction accidents explore all of their legal rights by contacting an experienced construction accident attorney. Construction law specialists at Ketover & Associates, LLC, for example, know the law, understand the rights of workers and have the tools to maximize financial recovery.

It is known that construction sites are dangerous places to work. There are a number of different risks to face, which makes the possibility of an accident occurring quite high. Construction workers sometimes have to deal with dangerous equipment and work with hazardous and unsafe materials. In many cases, the workers have to be physically fit to contend with the demanding work and strain of working on a construction site; any health impairment could lead to an accident.

Other potential hazards on a construction site involve working at a height where materials could fall, failure to carry out appropriate safety measures as construction work progresses and working with heavy machinery and lifting procedures. All these procedures require special training, risk assessment and safety precautions to ensure that accidents and injuries do not happen.

As each construction site will have its own specific risks and it is the responsibility of an employer and site manager to carry out a duty of care towards the construction worker and other employees.

This includes providing correct, suitable and up to date safety equipment and advice. If, for any reason, this duty of care is neglected they are then running the risk of a construction accident claim and putting the safety of the employees in danger.

As with any work place, accidents can happen anywhere on a construction site, and not just in the places you would expect. In fact, most accidents occur when moving around the construction site or simply walking around the area. It is essential to take regular breaks as prescribed by the law when working on a construction site to ensure that accidents don’t occur due to lack of concentration. Regular breaks could be the difference between an accident happening, and being avoided.

Another reason for construction accidents is defective equipment. All equipment should be tested by the equipment manufacturers to make sure it is safe to use, as even the smallest problem could cause an accident. If any equipment is faulty it is the responsibility of the employer to replace it.

When it comes to injuries on construction sites, the problem is that you might not notice the damage you have caused until later on in life. Exposure to asbestos can cause cancer and can be potentially deadly and is why it is essential to use the correct equipment, wear the right protective clothing and follow procedures at all times.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a construction work accident then the best thing you can do is to collect all the evidence about exactly what happened. This will help you to potentially win your case; so get names and addresses of witnesses if possible. You will then need to get independent specialist advice about making a construction accident claim.

Following your accident you may be too ill to go to work resulting in loss of earnings; therefore you may be entitled to compensation. You may also be left out of pocket for medical fees and expenses.

Ketover & Associates, LLC Attorneys At law have extensive experience with construction accidents and are ready to counsel when needed. Visit for further information.

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