Consider Oak Kitchen Cabinets in Your New Kitchen

No matter if you are designing a new kitchen or updating your old one, the cabinets are the key to making an impression. New oak kitchen cabinets can instantly brighten the look of a kitchen with many different styles and looks to choose from.

Some people are under the assumption that oak kitchen cabinets only work in a country style or traditional kitchens. Oak kitchen cabinets look great in those types of kitchens; however, they can be used in any style of décor you choose. It is easy to change the look and style of your kitchen cabinets by using different styles of door frames and hardware.

In a contemporary kitchen you can use sleek oak kitchen cabinets that don't have handles or knobs. This gives your entire kitchen a sleek clean look that fits beautifully with a modern décor. If you are looking for a more traditional look you can choose oak kitchen cabinets that have different styled doors.

You can get oak kitchen cabinets in two different construction styles, which are full access and framed. The framed oak cabinets are considered traditional. The cabinet box has a front frame applied and the frame is visible between the doors. Full access oak cabinets have more inner space and larger drawers and roll out shelves. The hinges to the doors are hidden and they completely overlay the cabinet. This gives your oak kitchen cabinets an unbroken smooth appearance.

You can change the appearance of your oak kitchen cabinets and still leave them natural-looking by adding a glaze to them. You can keep the beautiful look of the oak and make it darker to fit your décor. You can also get oak kitchen cabinets in different finishes including natural, medium and frost.

Once you know what oak kitchen cabinets you are going to use in your kitchen you can then decide on the right paint for your kitchen walls. You want a color that is warm and inviting. There are many warm colors that you can choose from in shades of yellows, oranges and reds. Oak kitchen cabinets usually have a yellowish tone unless they are stained.

Some colors that are recommended by decorators are terracotta reds, yellow-based greens and cork-colored yellows. All of these shades will complement your oak kitchen cabinets nicely. To make sure you get the right color for your needs you should pick up small cans of the paint and put it on the wall to see exactly how it will look when dried.

You can add accents colors to your kitchen in other ways besides just painting the walls. There are a variety of window treatments, hardware and kitchen accessories that will complement your oak kitchen cabinets.

Oak kitchen cabinets will work perfect in any décor because they are so versatile. They can be adapted to fit any size or style of kitchen and have a timeless beauty. You will be able to create a warm and inviting kitchen that your whole family will enjoy.

Lawrence Reaves is a freelance writer. Consider using oak kitchen cabinets in your next kitchen makeover. Purchasing kitchen cabinets online can save you money.


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