Coaching and Counseling Workshop

Coaching and Counseling Workshop
Event on 2017-08-08 09:00:00
As a Supervisor and/or Manager, do you: Avoid difficult staff situations because you’re unsure of how to handle them? Manage instead of coach your employees? Tolerate poor performance because of fear of legal complications? Neglect getting a commitment to improve? Wait to address a situation until it becomes a problem? Guess what your employees expect of you?   This interactive and practical workshop will equip Supervisors and Managers with the necessary interpersonal, coaching and counseling skills to:   ؠ Tackle performance issues before they become problems, ؠ Improve two-way communication with employees, ؠ Describe employee expectations with confidence, ؠ Learn to use Constructive “Feedback” instead of Constructive Criticism, ؠ Incorporate GU policies and procedures into performance management, ؠ Model leadership skills and behaviors.   The Coaching and Counseling Workshop will help you address these issues and more!   This Workshop is relevant for all Supervisors and Managers and participation can be put toward the new Management Certificate of Completion program! Take this opportunity and sign up at the earliest!  

at Healey Family Student Center
Healey Family Student Center – Georgetown University
Washington, United States

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