Cleaning The Garage Should Be Followed By Organizing

The garage is not just for cars, of course. This space has become very important as a storage area as well. While the amount of storage space in the garage can be limited, with efficient use and some planning, it can take on the job of preserving some of the family’s most important possessions. With the right combination of cabinets and shelves, the garage can truly become an efficient part of the family home.

However, because the garage is so important as a storage area, occasional cleaning and renovation may be in order. Homeowners have found there are many options when it comes to reorganizing the garage, from a complete remodeling to a cleaning and rearranging on newly-installed shelves. The final floor plan depends on family needs.

Modular storage kits have become popular for garages, with components that can be mixed and matched to take care of most storage issues. Some homeowners have been ambitious enough to construct their own storage shelves and cabinets, customizing their garage to fit family needs. This may be necessary if the number of items collected in the garage is too much for even the most creative modular kits. It is also possible to use a combination of modular storage kits and rented storage space to solve space problems.

Among the most popular garage storage solutions are plastic containers, wall-mounted racks, shelves and cabinets. Cabinets provide the extra protection from moisture and dust that shelves and open modules don’t offer. Shelves can provide space very efficiently and make may items accessible. But a number of people have chosen wall-mounted racks as the perfect solution for their garage storage needs. Combining one of these methods with plastic containers will solve many garage-space issues.

It would be great if, on a nice spring or summer day, the homeowner could walk to the garage and find the bicycle or the fishing gear without a lot of digging and searching. If the family wants to enjoy the weather with a picnic, it would be nice if the needed picnic items could be easily found. But if things are scattered around, in a hit-or-miss family members are often disappointed or frustrated long before it’s time to leave. Organizing the garage is easy, once the homeowner and family determine where to start.

Garage cleaning and organizing begins with separating items, categorizing things that will be stored together, given away or sold. Sporting goods can be placed in a particular cabinet that may not be opened until the appropriate season. Tools can be placed on wall-mounted pegboards or shelves next to the workbench. During this process, family members should be firm about throwing items away and not getting emotionally attached to something that will just take up space. Seasonal items such as boots, hats, sleds, and so on, should be carefully sorted and stored in cabinets or small closet spaces that can be opened when the items are actually needed. The simple act of organizing and eliminating might even create space for the car!

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