Civil Construction in Kolkata Developing the Infrastructure

The Civil Construction Industry is one of the oldest professions which is still flourishing in the modern age and has grown into one of the profitable businesses in the entire global arena. This industry kept on prospering with the progress of culture and human civilization. Man began to construct different structures such as dwellings, residential complexes, roads and bridges, drainage systems, commercial buildings, government and public offices, shopping malls, railway lines, airports, ports and harbours for better transport connectivity and several other infrastructure projects. The construction based industry works on a number of different kinds of projects such as building small residential buildings, to constructing new modern townships and large mega projects. There is no denial to the fact that the construction business makes up the building blocks of civilized life.

The Civil Construction in Kolkata is gaining an important ground and has paved a vital road for the necessary social development. From engaging the masons to carpenters and also employing the modern techniques the construction business has undergone a drastic change. As such it has become technologically very advanced. Mankind has been benefited much from this new technology. There is no doubt that the expenditures on the civil construction comprise one of the mega expenditures for all the governments for building public properties. In fact, all the Seven Wonders of the World are man-made which can be considered as one of the greatest achievements in construction profession. It is often regarded as a team work.

The civil construction industry is really prepared to undertake some of the most important projects comprising of wide array of tasks including that from Public Works Department, civil engineering firms, routine domestic constructions and commercial, industry-scale projects. The construction industry undoubtedly has played a comprehensive role in the infrastructure development of a nation. The housing, transportation, public works such as constructing schools, colleges, hospitals, stadiums, cinema halls etc are all various types of civil construction. The associated firm has to pre-plan the entire project, design the infrastructure and then execute it systematically. Moreover, it has also got the responsibility of the maintenance operations of the building.

As there has been a wide extension of this construction industry, the builders have started allotting the medium and the smaller size projects to the contractors in both the domestic and commercial sectors. These contractors have their own set of labours and are given a specific deadline to complete the project. They need to plan, design and execute the task properly. While undertaking any construction one needs to pay attention towards these areas-

* Providing Strom Drainage Water properly for storm water and emergency water flows.

* Proper drainage system to dispose industrial waste which are polluting the rivers and are creating health hazards.

* Proper earthling of the wires while supplying the electric connection to a building.

* Making use of strong TMT bars while constructions which are quake resistant.

* Proper plumbing including water supply and gas heating systems.

* Making use of eco friendly green materials and engineering items.

The author of this article is a civil contractor who is employed in the civil construction industry and has got adequate knowledge of building some of the important infrastructure of the city.

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