Choosing The Best In-Ground Pools

A swimming pool is no small addition to your home. It is one that will be an investment in family fun as well as equity, especially if you choose the right option for your home. There are many types of pools to suit the needs of your home and family budget. Choosing the best in-ground pools is an easy task when you apply a little research to your process.

Determining the size and shape of your desired pool should be done with the total landscape design in mind, whether it is finished or not. The value of your home will depend upon it. Any body of water near a home should have room for a safety fence to be constructed around it to make it safe for children. Even visiting children must be protected.

The shape of the pool should complement the shape and size of the lot. A pool that is too large for the yard it is in reduces the versatility of the property and may also reduce the value of the home. A pool that is too small is not appealing to guests or to potential home buyers. Adding a spa or seating section to your selection may be a nice touch, but it should fit the landscape.

In ground pools vary in materials and depth as well as shape and size. Traditional concrete and plaster is still commonly used in many pools, but can have many maintenance costs for long term use. Rock, granite, and tile are popular substitutions for the traditional materials but are much higher in initial costs for installation and materials. Still, these more popular choices have fewer maintenance costs and give a sleek look to the luxurious addition to your home.

The depth of your swimming pool should be determined by your needs and budget. Deeper water requires more maintenance than shallow water. Salt water pools are becoming quite popular as they are better for the skin, contain less chemicals, and are easier to maintain than chlorine. Already very popular in Europe, the salt water swimming fad is taking off in backyards and health spas across the United States.

Filters, pumps, and drainage systems are all subject to the manufacturer and installation team that is chosen to install your new pool. These are similar in price and performance, but should be considered for optimal safety. If you are reconstructing an older pool, you may need to replace the older system. Some drainage systems from decades past were recalled due to dangerous malfunctions. These should all be checked and inspected by proper professionals.

Heating and lighting systems, slides and fountains, or other additions to your water retreat are also considerations to make in terms of cost and comfort. These additions may be well worth the investment.

Choosing the best in-ground pools for your family may seem like a daunting and expensive task but it is one that will reward your family with good memories and a promising investment. Consider all of your options and explore the wonderful world of water fun.

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