Choosing Above Ground Pool Liners.

Above ground pool liners are a highly recommended purchase for a pool owner to make. Above ground pool liners keep water from escaping your pool, keeps leaves and branches from falling in your pool and keep the water temperature comfortable. Unfortunately you will need to replace liners for your pool at some state. So what types of pool liners are there?

Do you need a liner that is beaded or a liner that overlaps the pool? The difference in these liners is the way in which they attach to your pool. The beaded liner will attach to the pool by a groove that goes along the edge of the liner, and then this groove will click into a track that is located inside the pool edge.

For an overlap liner, the top rail of the pool is to be removed and the liner will click into the pool with plastic clips and then the top rail of the pool is replaced.

Once you know which liner will attach to your pool you will need to refer to the measurements of your pool to find out what size and shape of liner is required. It is a good investment to buy the best quality liner for your pool, you do not want to be replacing your liner too often which you may if purchasing a cheaper liner, as in the long run you will be spending even more money than if you bought the better quality, more expensive one in the first place.

Remember, thick vinyl lasts much longer than thin vinyl. When you are purchasing a liner, there should be information available at the pool store on the thickness of the vinyl that you are purchasing.

Now that you know what type of liner and what size liner you require, you are able to choose a style of liner. You do not have to stick with the standard blue liner. You can choose a liner with fish on it, or tiles, or swirls. You can make quite a fashion statement with your liner.

The last thing to do with for your new bright above ground pool liner is have it installed. If you have installed a liner before, then go for it. If you have not installed one before, get help from a professional. You have just spent a lot of money on your liner and you do not want to damage it by installing it incorrectly. Ask the professional installer to show you the right way to install the liner so that if you ever have to replace your liner you can do it yourself if you wish.

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