Characteristics Of A Victorian Kitchen

Victorian England is famous for its rich history. Quite a different look from the preferred up to date and modern styles that are seen so much to day, Victorian style has a beauty and style to it that is appealing to many folk. There are tons of resources which will help you to succeed in this attractive look in your kitchen, but here are a few characteristics that will help you to get started.

Light yellow, light blue, or off-white are good wall color choices for a Victorian kitchen.

Characteristic of a Victorian Kitchen 2: Dark cabinets – Victorian kitchen cupboards were often a dark, cherry wood with hardware that had a light design on it. If you are going to install Victorian-style kitchen cabinets, hire a contractor who’s experienced with crafting these dark cabinets with a troubled finished at the corners. Search the Internet for Victorian-style hardware to install on the cabinets.

Characteristic of a Victorian Kitchen four: Food Preparation Table – Victorian cooks sometimes prepared food on a table as opposed to the counters. To reach this look, a modern, Victorian style kitchen should have an island with a butcher block top.

Characteristic of a Victorian Kitchen five: Storage Bins – The Victorians liked to be ready to see their cooking tools. Things like canister sets, boxes for cooking spoons, and pots were often plain in these kitchens. Victorian kitchens are also well known for their vegetable bins and bread drawers.

Characteristic of a Victorian Kitchen 6: female Accents – Flowers and lace are characteristic of this style. Lace curtains sometimes hung in the kitchen windows. Stenciling was done up at the head of the walls or round the windows. These are all easy accents to add in a modern Victorian kitchen. Turning a modern kitchen into one that looks like that in Victorian times is not tough. Refer to books and magazines that provide pictures of Victorian kitchens to get more ideas for your own home. Have fun transforming your kitchen into a Victorian one!

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