Garage Organizers Take Away All Your Excuses Storage Garage

Garage Organizers Take Away All Your Excuses

Garage organizers are not all created equal, not by a long shot. When you have stuff to store, but not enough space to store it in, then you know a lot about storage - or the lack of it. Many garages are used to solve this problem with simple plywood shelves. This works, but isn't very attractive. It also isn't very efficient. There really isn't all that much difference between a pile of stuff on the floor and a pile of stuff on a shelf. It can be nearly as frustrating and as equally irritating. Creating a truly organized garage...
Gladiator Garageworks Manufacture a Large Variety of Garage Storage Options Storage Garage

Gladiator Garageworks Manufacture a Large Variety of Garage Storage Options

Gladiator GarageWorks is a company that puts out some of the coolest garage organizers and systems on the market today. Since everyone wants to have a nice organized garage, and nobody likes clutter and mess, it is important to take a look at what sorts of options you really have when it comes to making sense of your garage space.Having the right work surfaces and places to do projects in the garage is obviously one of the main concerns of anyone with a garage. It can be absolutely frustrating to need a place to set something down, only to find...
Urban Cabin – Writer’s Office Storage Garage

Urban Cabin – Writer’s Office

Urban Cabin - Writer's Office A writer's office built over the garage and up in the trees. Project Name: Laurelwood Avenue Location: Studio City, California Project Description: Addition over a garage. Conversion into guest house/office Size: 350 sq.ft. Jeremy Levine Design A second story addition of 305 sq. ft. over an existing two-car garage. The project consists of three components: a writer's office, a painter's studio, and a kid's playhouse - all linked together by a switchback staircase. The second story office façade angles to capture the view of the San Fernando Valley. The façade’s gesture is echoed by...
Reading A Garage Rental Agreement Carefully Storage Garage

Reading A Garage Rental Agreement Carefully

People rent all kinds of garages for all kinds of reasons. Self-storage garage rental facilities are a big business today, even being constructed in the smallest towns. Some facilities let you drive right in, making these places perfect for storing vehicles or boats. Other people need to put household items in storage while they are between houses or in another city. Urban apartment dwellers sometimes find themselves with a home but no place to put their car and end up taking a space in a rental garage.Your Signature, PleaseThe first point to remember is that any garage rental arrangement should...
Don't be Jealous of my Ultimate Garage Storage Garage

Don’t be Jealous of my Ultimate Garage

I have no idea what the ultimate garage means to you, but I suspect that most people don't have the perfect garage that they like to dream about. It's an evolution of sorts. Let's think about this for a minute: when you don't have a garage at all, it's just nice to think of having some place that is enclosed. You know, somewhere to keep your car and stuff (in my case, just the stuff). When you get a small garage you want a bigger one. When you have a bigger one, you want one that has cabinets and storage...
The Evolution of Garage Organizers Storage Garage

The Evolution of Garage Organizers

Eons ago when the first garages were built, it was with the intention of storing wagons, horses and tack and was called a barn. People did not horde a lot of stuff so they did not have a lot of need for storage. Those who were wealthy and had stuff, had big houses and servants to worry about where to put it all. With the advent of the modern age and the invention of the automobile, the modern garage was born. But the modern garage wasn't just used for cars. Slowly the modern generation became pack rats, after all, there...
Tips for Garage Storage Shelves Storage Garage

Tips for Garage Storage Shelves

The garage of a home is the location for storage a plethora of items, although its original purpose was intended for the parking of cars. It can be used for a wide variety of things depending on the desires of the residents. However, when the garage becomes a place for storage only and cannot be used for other purposes, an organizational structure of some sort is necessary. Shelves can typically be found in both site-built as well as pre-fabricated. Site built shelves can be less costly and also more adaptable to one's space. Home improvement stores, lumber yards, and hardware...
Making New Storage Space In Your Garage Storage Garage

Making New Storage Space In Your Garage

Garages are notorious for getting out of control. Most garages in your neighborhood would look completely chaotic right now if you entered them. Why is this true? Most people do not spend much quality time in their garages, so their investment in keeping them clean and free of clutter is not very high. Also, garages tend to become the storage space for all a household's miscellaneous junk. But it does not have to be that way. All you need is a system of organization and a desire to keep things organized over time. Once a great and practical organization system...
Mini Storage - The Perfect Answer To Your Household Storage Needs Storage Garage

Mini Storage – The Perfect Answer To Your Household Storage Needs

If you are tired of grappling through the clutter looking for that tiny fancy clip, just try mini storage today! Or, you feel that those little clippings and buttons are going to leave you searching the whole place when you try finding them later, mini storage containers are the right solution. Storage Mart is the best answer that meets your storing needs quite befittingly.Old business records and documents take more and more space as the business grows and matures over the years. No doubt until it has reached a stage of say more than 10 or 20 years, you are...