Green Lifestyles Green Living

Green Lifestyles

Green lifestyle is the new way of living nowadays; people who are turning green helps reduce carbon emissions by using energy efficient appliances. They also do their best to reduce waste by recycling and reusing their things. Mark Spellun a media entrepreneur who encourages green lifestyles in his magazine believe that living green is the way to live sustainably. Mark Spellun's visions is to let the world know about our environment and the same time let them know that it is also exciting to save the planet. There are ways to have a green lifestyle. It can be easy and...
Can Passing Trains Generate Electricity? Green Living

Can Passing Trains Generate Electricity?

Trains are considered some of the greenest forms of mass transit, and in many cities, subways shuttle people from the suburbs to the city center. Now, the creators of the "T-Box" have the ability to make trains even greener. The T-Box is designed to harness the gust of wind accompanying passing trains and the electricity can be used to produce power for remote areas near the railroad tracks or railroad facilities along the line.The T-Box fits between the railroad ties and is partially buried so that it's out of the way of the train. The creators, Qian Jiang and Alessandro...
Casey Veggies, Shwayze, Nina Sky + Many More at Our Life Festival! Green Living

Casey Veggies, Shwayze, Nina Sky + Many More at Our Life Festival!

Casey Veggies, Shwayze, Nina Sky + Many More at Our Life Festival! Event on 2017-07-08 16:00:00 On July 8th, 2017 at the Autry Museum of the American West, something incredible will take place. Our Life Festival attendees will experience world class music and entertainment while retaining a close bond with Our Community over eco-minded ideas. Our Family (You!) will enjoy incredible music from Casey Veggies, Shwayze, Hirie, Nina Sky and many other top performing national & local acts while simultaneously having the opportunity to learn how to live healthier & more sustainable lives. Several different organizations will come to showcase...