Better Sleep And Health With A Feng Shui Mattress

The practice of Feng Shui has been going on for centuries. Started in ancient China, Feng Shui is used to create positive energy by the movement and placement of objects, decorating techniques as well as color choices. When these actions are taken, the occupants of that living space or other location can be affected in positive ways.

ButFeng Shui isn’t limited to the inside of a home either. Many Feng Shui practitioners utilize basic tips to help with the outside of the home as well, often extending the practice into the yard and surrounding property. In fact, doing so can actually intensify the results of the Feng Shui practice and help to garner more positive results in an abbreviated amount of time. What’s important to note is that in this want to create change, balance is the key to creating desired effects. Each room has its own part to play in the effectiveness of Feng Shui tenets. But as the bedroom is the room of the house where you will spend much of your life, it is crucial to consider what Feng Shui has to say about a Feng Shui mattress.

In choosing a Feng Shui mattress, you will want to consider a few things: size, materials, elements included, and support. Feng Shui is based on the balance of factors, so everything needs to be in moderation. For example, beds that contain too much water or metal might be problematic for energy in your bedroom and cause ill effects in your life. Here’s what you need to know.

As with any mattress purchase, it is necessary to find a size that works well for the space in which you are placing this bed. But in the Feng Shuimattress tips, you will want to think about how many people will be sleeping in that mattress, thus affecting the size choice in a different way. Those that are single and wish to remain single might choose a smaller sized mattress – a twin or a full. However, singles that wish to find a partner and become a part of a relationship will want to choose something larger and more conducive to having an additional person in their bedroom. What you’re doing is creating the energy necessary to draw a person into your life, if that’s what you choose. Of course, choosing a mattress that is much too large for your needs has also been seen to create issues in a relationship, so a queen mattress is generally the best choice.

In these times of tight budgets, the idea of buying a mattress can be problematic. But for a proper Feng Shuimattress, you should avoid sleeping on something that has already been used. Energy-wise, this can create problems for person sleeping. Not only is negative energy associated with a used mattress, but it also can bring the unwanted energy of another person into your bedroom, adding to negative results in your life. Used mattresses can also cause problems for those that wish to find a new partner in their life as well as disrupt your overall sleep cycle. With these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why ‘new’ is better than used.

A Feng Shui mattress should also be chosen with the materials in mind. For most people, the idea of a spring mattress with metal coils is the only option, but it can be detrimental in terms of creating positive energy. Metallic coils are conductive and will increase the electromagnetic field in your bedroom, leading to a multitude of problems. But as many mattresses will have coils, you will want to look for coils that are wrapped individually to reduce this conductive effect. There are sleep number beds that can work better than coil options, but they too contain a magnetic effect that can cause more harm than good.

Other Feng Shui mattress choices include waterbeds, but these come with a set of problems as well. Because they are filled with water, they are not balanced in terms of their elemental qualities which can lead to energetic disruptions. In addition, water can conduct electricity which can affect electromagnetic energy that is already present in the environment.

The best Feng Shui mattress choice on the market is the foam mattress. It provides consistent airflow without including elements like water or metal from coils. This will not conduct electricity and create disturbances in the energetic field of your bedroom, plus it creates an ideal sleeping surface for you to get a good night’s rest. The supportive qualities of the foam mattress are also helpful for creating positive energy. Not only are you not going to affect your partner’s rest (as the foam cushions movement), but it also cradles the body and allows it to be supported naturally.

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