Beth’s Easy Cheese Souffle Recipe| ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

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    • avatar anwesha laha 1

      Hi Beth. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I was really looking forward to it. I want to try it soon but before I do I have a couple of questions. One: If I want to bake the souffle in 8oz cup ramekins, how long should I bake them and what temperature? And two: can I leave out the nutmeg and the mustard? Will it make a huge difference? Thank you!

      • avatar Al Bongar 1

        Hi beth,i am new toyour channel but i am getting addicted to your style of cooking, but i have a question, what if you do not have cream of tartar? Thanks in anticipation of your reply

        • avatar Deviana Monica 1

          it looks so fluffy O.O

          • avatar janraeni16 1

            This looks great! Beth you are my favorite food youtuber. All your recipes are so delicate and fancy. I love how you rarely use shortcuts :) I learned a lot.

            • avatar sonenya1 1

              If I do it in individual soufflé forms, should I reduce the oven time (or change anything else for that matter)? Thanks!

              • avatar Sigh fi 1

                ADOPT ME BETH

                • avatar YERKO Zikovski 1

                  Just made your soufflé it turn out beautiful

                  • avatar Diana Paul 1

                    Great looking soufflé.  Could you tell me what kind of mustard you are using in your cheese soufflé? Diana

                    • avatar carolmel2014 2

                      I made this for dinner on v-day!!! delicious. I whipped the egg whites by hand and used about a tablespoon of white vinegar. It turned out great! My arm was tired after two minutes of whisking a super clean glass bowl, but it was well worth it! I followed the recipe to a T otherwise.

                      • avatar hargurl 1

                        So pretty~

                        • avatar Diana Kelley 2

                          Gorgeous! Looking forward to trying this recipe. Thank you 👍😃💗🌺

                          • avatar Amirah Dukandar 1

                            Fluffy yet heavenly 😀

                            • avatar Gretchen Gonzalez 1

                              Can't wait to try this 🤗😃

                              • avatar Spellboundwitch 1

                                And it is sooooooooooooo good. Again a lovely video, Beth, thanks for sharing!Regards

                                • avatar Melisa Kaya 0

                                  More French baking would be amazing!