Benefits Of Car Storage… Some Tips!

If you don’t have space to park your car at your own residence, then you can take the help of storage units that offer car storage facilities. Earlier, unlike furniture storage, boat storage or garage storage, car storage was not a very popular choice for many people. However, nowadays because of lack of parking spaces and an increase in the parking rates many car owners are opting for car storage options. And, this is the only reason why this service is slowly becoming quite popular.

There are many options available for car storage – short term storage, long term storage, airport parking and hotel parking as well. In the latter case, the facility picks up your vehicle from the parking lot and stores it for the time agreed upon. This is a very convenient and a hassle-free service, and especially suited for those who are frequent travellers. This will greatly benefit you as well because instead of storing your car in the airport or hotel parking facility, which could be quite unsafe, your car would be in a safe and secure environment.

Other benefits of a car storage facility are as follows –

* There are storage units that are specially designed to store your cars, which have de-humidifiers that control the moisture content and dampness and help in prevention of mould, rust and dust.
* There are some self storage areas that are specially designed for storing your classics or for RV storage. These storage units are basically a battery managed capsule with dust filters and an active airflow system. Some storage units also offer insurance for the classic cars.
* These car storage units are also climate controlled and protect your vehicles from adverse weather conditions. They maintain an optimum temperature inside the facility, which provides relief from rusting and mould.
* These facilities offer periodic cleaning and maintenance services for your vehicles.
* Whenever you decide to pick up your vehicle, it would be absolutely ready-to-use. You would not have to worry about servicing; you just need to retrieve the car and drive off.

If you are planning to store your car, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind. Follow some basic steps before you give your vehicle in a warehouse being run by the car storage facility.

First, give your car for servicing before handing to a storage unit. Put fresh engine oil in the car as old oil can corrode the car. In fact, you should also replace brake fluid and coolant. As gasoline absorbs moisture it is recommended to fill your tank because it will minimize the chances of moisture being accumulated in the car’s fuel lines and tank. You should always disconnect the battery otherwise it would die because the stored car would not be able to recharge it. Over inflate your tyres. This would result in no flat or burn spots on them. But don’t go above the maximum pressure mentioned in you car’s manual. If you are going for a long storage, clean the car from the inside and the outside. Leave some space open in your windows for air circulation otherwise the car would have a stale smell.

Follow these simple steps and you are ready to use the service offered by a car storage facility.

The increase in parking tickets and the lack of parking areas have forced many people to opt for hiring car storage services. These storage units are not only safe, but also a convenient way to store your vehicle for any length of time.

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