Beauty Shoot Lighting Setup – Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

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    • avatar Rico Domonkos 1

      That standard reflector isn't a beauty dish. Anyway, have fun with your 70-200 2.8L II, we love ours :)

      • avatar lexi thomas 1

        what camera and lens are these ?

        • avatar Rajan Meerut 1

          good camera but screen or viewfinder some diffrent

          • avatar Rajan Meerut 1

            i have sony alfa 58

            • avatar Isaiah Anderson 1

              The only photographer I care to watch on youtube these days. Keep up the great work Anita. You are extremely talented.

              • avatar Sarah Bowman Photography 2

                I love your behind the scenes videos!

                • avatar Selina Tong 1

                  Thank you so much for all the sharing, really love it. Could you please also make a tutorial about how to set up off camera flash and lights?

                  • avatar Mark Harris 0

                    I can to this video following one were you said people were judging you on your choice of camera. THIS is what they should be judging you on and this is talent, your make up artist is really good too.

                    • avatar Verena Mandragora 2

                      First of all: thank you for your videos. Really entertaining and honest! Love your stuff!
                      But is this light former really called beauty Dish? Here in Germany we would call it standard reflector (sorry for my English btw ;) ) beauty dishes are different here from the reflector used during your shoot ;)

                      • avatar Sedric Acevedo 2

                        what is an equivalent to the quantuum 600 you have for the US

                        • avatar Silver Eagle 2

                          sorry to say this but you had a drop dead gorgeous model yet the makes up artist is SHITTY.
                          This poor beautiful girl went through hell.

                          • avatar Naturally Lit 2

                            Thank you for these awesome tips! Beautiful work!

                            • avatar Tony Black 1

                              You are awesome and fun to watch. I am learning a lot from you!

                              • avatar Hammad S 1

                                It'd be so much fun to work with/for you =3

                                • avatar Martin Rodriguez 2

                                  Great tutorial, I would definitely want to see more of the behind the scenes. Cheers.

                                  • avatar understandthevision 1

                                    really great video! whats the name of the first song?? its dope

                                    • avatar Mark Harbin 1

                                      I love this your work is amazing

                                      • avatar Vitalis Prod 1

                                        Мне кажется, или у нее наш акцент?

                                        • avatar Shannon D. 2

                                          what mascara was used for look 3? 💕

                                          • avatar CreativeTacos 1

                                            Beautiful work Anita 👍🏻👏🏻👌🏻