Bath Accessories – A Study In Black And White

Bath accessories can make a large change in any bathroom. Simply replacing old bath accessories with new ones can often make it look as though the entire bath has been redecorated.

Black and white bath accessories are an example of those that bring the greatest change to a bathroom. A study in only dark and white, from floor to ceiling, is one way of using these two colors. Or try a study in dark and white bath accessories with one other color as a backdrop.

Black and white bath accessories with red-colored walls can produce a extremely dramatic look, no matter how large or small your bath is. Choose a hot red-colored wall paper for a cozy, comforting look. Or use a deep, warm red-colored paint on your walls. Then accent the red-colored with dark and white bath accessories.

Asian red-colored is a good choice with dark and white bath accessories. Picture a Chinese restaurant with imperial red-colored walls and carpeting, pristine white tablecloths, and dark lacquer furniture. You can use your black and white bath accessories to achieve the same look in your bath. Paint the walls with imperial red and use a similar or darker red on the floor, either in tiles or carpeting. Black toilet seat, tub, and vanity will look solid. Add white towels and smaller accessories. A shower curtain of white with palm or bamboo trees in dark silhouette could add pattern without color. A dark fern leaf design is also an option.

The Asian theme could be carried further with Croscill's dark and white bath accessories. Each has a black calligraphy letter on white, with words such as peace, prosperity, harmony, and happiness.

Black and White Bath Accessories to Use

Before you begin accessorizing your bath, you may want to find pictures of baths done in dark and white. Look for photos in bathroom design galleries online. Visit your local home supply store to see samples of what can be done. Take time to think through your whole project, and decide which bath accessories you will want in black, which in white.

Black and white bath accessories will lend themselves to a sleek, modern look or a quaint, colonial look. Which do you want?

Do you have dark and white ceramic tile in the older 4x4" size? Do you have white wainscoting on the bottom portion of the walls? You might want to accessorize with colonial, antique items.

Do you have large, marble tiles on the floor and up the wall? Are cabinets set into the wall for a sleek look? You may want to accessorize with modern, modern items.

The following are a couple of suggestions to help you get started.

1. Vanity: Many call the vanity the focal point of the bathroom. Yours could be a sleek, modern dark vanity, with a black or white vessel sink on top. Or you might go the other direction, using an antique white pedestal sink.

2. Shower and window curtains: White curtains with a black design are dramatic and add character to a bathroom. Black silhouettes of tree, leaf, or flower design are good, as are geometric black designs. Choose a design for your black and white bath accessories that carries your contemporary, antique, or other style.

3. Bath mats and rugs: Break up the color of your floor with dark bath mats and rugs. Remember, when doing so, that some toiletries, such as toothpaste, might contain chlorine. A drop on a dark might bleach.

4. Towels: Fluffy white towels are nice with a dark or white monogram at one end. You might also combine black towels and white towels, so that each towel rack will carry the dark and white theme.

5. Containers and Dispensers: Black and white bath accessories should include smaller items, too, such as wastebaskets, lotion dispensers, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and tissue box cover. You might want them in black only, white only, or a combination of the two.

Helpful Tip

Planning is essential if you want your dark and white bath accessories to look good. Find a design that has everything you will need. If you choose contemporary, sleek black wire wastebasket and towel holders, you will not want to use white antique "china" containers and dispensers on your vanity.

Disclaimer: The author does not really work for any company that sells bath accessories. Nor will she receive any commission if the reader purchases as a result of her mention of a retailer who sells bath accessories.

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