Basics of Remodeling Your Basement in Pittsburgh

Whether you live in Allegheny or Westmoreland or any other county in Pennsylvania, there will come a time during your home ownership when you realize that your “things” are outgrowing your house and you need a little more room. So what to do? One easy fix would be remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh.

Just one glance in your basement and you will easily see how much extra space you have in your basement and the space it would free up if you could remodel it. Luckily, there are some basic checks and balances that any homeowner needs to consider prior to remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh to determine if this will work in your specific situation.

Some factors to consider include:

Moisture: If you have significant moisture – or pooling of water – in your basement, then you may not be able to remodel your basement in Pittsburgh. Minor moisture problems can be fixed, but excess moisture may not be worth dealing with, that is all dependent on the homeowner.

Usage: If you plan on using your basement remodel every day, then remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh may not be the best answer. Bedrooms, family rooms and offices work so much better when there are windows and natural sunlight coming in. Many basements do not have windows and may be a hindrance to your basement remodel.

Electrical: Due to some codes, you may have to have a certain number of electrical receptacles when remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh that may not be there preexisting. Therefore you may have to put more money into your remodel than you initially planned. You should be prepared to spend some money in your basement remodel, but if you find that you are going way outside of your budget, then you may want to scale back or consider changing up your remodel or even possibly holding off on your remodel.

Heating and Cooling: When remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh, one major thing you will want to consider is your heating and cooling situation. In the summer, depending upon your basement set-up your basement may stay pretty cool; in the winter, if your basement houses your furnace, then it may be pretty warm. Depending upon what way you plan to remodel your basement in Pittsburgh, the heating and cooling situation may be beneficial or a deterrent.

These are just a few basics to consider before remodeling your basement in Pittsburgh to prevent headaches before you even get started and they will serve as a good starting off point.

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