Basic Tips For Your Chicago Remodeling House Project

Chicago has beautiful architecture all around thus inspires its residents to make their houses equally stylish. When you are constructing or renovating a house in Chicago, the kitchen and the bathroom should be given much thought as they are the most frequented rooms in the house by everyone. Careful planning must be given in both areas. The kitchen should have enough space as everyone goes there all together. The bathroom does not necessarily have to be big as people take turns in using it. Space therefore should be considered. Make sure you have a layout for the kitchen and bathroom for the Chicago remodeling of your house as well as a carefully-thought of budget.

When renovating or remodeling your kitchen, make sure to incorporate the work triangle formed closely by your sink, refrigerator and cook top. This will allow you to minimize time spent in moving back and forth in these areas. The perimeter of the triangle should be not less than 12 feet and not more than 26 feet. Whatever it is that you did not like in your old kitchen, do not incorporate this in your new one so that you will always be in the mood to prepare your meals. You can however recycle things from the old kitchen such as cupboards and repaint them instead to blend with the new design from your Chicago kitchen remodeling project.

The bathroom is another part of the house that needs remodeling as time goes by. Because they have the smallest space as compared to the other rooms, its many fixtures, and the water that splashes around, falls and slips are inevitable. In order to save yourself and your family from such hazards, better get rid of your bathtub and use a shower instead. Climbing inside a wet bathtub can cause falls while a shower that can be easily accessible limits any danger. You can also install a hand-held shower head as this can make you clean yourself properly in all parts. You should also place sturdy grab bars and handholds on the walls so that if someone slips, they can easily grab hold of these to gain balance.

Your Chicago bathroom remodeling endeavor should also have floor tiles that do not get too slippery when they are wet. This can help minimize slips and falls as well. Make sure that the toilet bowl has a higher seat instead of a lower one so that those who use it can sit comfortably and stand up without difficulty.

Because bathrooms have limited space, its door should be wide so that those going inside do not have a hard time entering. It would also be advisable if the door opens out into the hall instead of into the bathroom so that going inside will not be difficult. You can also install a pocket door that opens by sliding into the wall next to the door.

With these few Chicago bathroom remodeling and Chicago kitchen remodeling tips coupled with a well-researched house design and the right budget, you are on your way to the perfect Chicago remodeling of your old house.

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